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ROM revisions question

I have an Amiga 500 and a 2000HD, both with 1.3 KS and WB. I would like to upgrade the OS and have read here that the OS and KS should "equal" each other. (Not necessarily the same revision number, perhaps, but generally speaking running OS 3.x on a 1.3 KS is a bad idea.)

What is the highest ROM revision number appropriate for either of these machines? And what do I need to look out for / beware of in upgrading?

I am assuming a Cloanto-licensed ROM and possibly a dual-ROM arrangement, depending on the impact later ROMS have on earlier software or hardware.

All suggestions welcome, thanks.

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It all depends on what you want to do with the systems. Compatibility with old software may suffer if you go beyond the 1.3 ROMs, but the later setups are far more capable and user friendly. Both machines can fully run Kickstart and Workbench 3.1. Kickstart 3.X from Cloanto and Kickstart 3.1 from Hyperion are both updates of Kickstart 3.1 that fix some issues, but other than the changes to scsi.device (which you're unlikely to need), they're relatively minor updates. With a suitable accelerator, both machines can use up to OS 3.9.
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Thank you for your reply. As it happens I have two A500, one A2000 HD and one A250. I thought I would leave one of each style "stock" and upgrade one.

I acquired the 500 new in the early '90s. I was interested in digital imaging and desktop video production. It was mostly used by my son for playing games, however, and was mothballed until recently.

I acquired the other 500 later from a yard sale and it too was mothballed. The 2000 and 2500 were acquired earlier this year, when I decided to see what I had missed in the Amiga world. The A2500 was acquired after I discovered that the "working" 2000 wasn't.

The 2500 has an accelerator card but it, too, is going to need repair. In other words, I'm pretty much of a noob on anything newer than A500 / WB 1.3.

Edit: Forgot to mention I also acquired a Vampire A500+ v2 earlier this year.

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