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Please help - It Came From the Desert II

Hi All,

I'm not really a techy newb but this is one emulator I could never get to work properly. I just can't get my head round the configuration.

The one game that I desperately want to play for nostalgic reasons is It Came from the Desert II.

I have a 3 disk image and the latest WinUAE client, with 3.1 and other roms....

I can usually get the game to load, but just after the initial intro sequence with the meteor and title text it just stops dead... the emulator seems to be running but its a black screen and no floppy disk activity.

Can anyone help me out by providing a definitive config for this game. Maybe my disk images are corrupt?

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I found that I had plenty of trouble running It came from the desert II, even on my real Amiga. But a couple of good default setups would be like this :

Kick 1.3 with 1 MB chipmem (or 512 chip and 512 slow), OCS graphics chipset, 68000 CPU with the compatibility option on, and if the games give you problems try making sure the disk speed is at 100% and at last try disabling ram down to 512 chipmem only. Usually gets a good deal of stuff going for me. This would be a typical A500 setup.

Another is Kick 3.0 (or 3.1), 2 MB chipmem, AGA chipset and a 68020 or similar chip. This would somewhat reflect an A1200 or related configuration.

These 2 configs are the base configs I use, and most games run with this.

I think that ICFTD II would be best run under an A500 like setup, but as I said, I've had trouble getting this game to run reliably on my real Amigas so it might be bad disks, bad code or bad config. If you can't get further than the intro then I might suggest you find a different version.
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If you want it to work just press the fire button on your joypad to skip the intro, at least if you've got the same version as me which is the ACU one available from www.planetemu.net

I've managed to open the safe and get the townspeople on my side but I just can't find the entrance to the nest. In the first game it was easy to find as the old man left an arrow pointing to it.
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