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lord of time
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I think my Vampire has died?

I recently had lots of trouble with leaking caps and eventually got a A600 board recapped - but before i even had chance to use my Vampire on it something has gone wrong causing the board to freeze solid after being turned on for a few seconds so I turned to ebay and got a really nice condition A600, no sign of cap leak, no fishy smell, no sound problems and plays every floppy game I have thrown at it so far so I think ok its stable time to fit my Vamp - with the vamp fitted all I get is solid green screen with a repeating audio glitch sound and then the machine resets every few seconds before doing the same again... a few people are thinking something is toast on my Vamp so I ask if you guys have any ideas? in the mean time i have purchased another but think im gonna sell it and get A500 setup to avoid the cap issues!!!
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Gimmemore Commodore

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The Vampire is probably not seated onto the CPU properly. I had similar issues with mine and I believe the issue lies with the PLCC sockets that are used. They are possibly a tad too deep and the pins sometimes don't make solid contact all the way around. To test it, I pushed mine down a little harder while turning it on and it booted fine. So I took to the recommendation to lightly sand down the socket closer to the pins and it seems to work. Despite that, what I ended up doing after that was de-soldering the socket off the ACA620EC that I had, since I reckon it's a better quality socket, and swapping it over to the Vampire.
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lord of time
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Thanks for the info but my socket had worn out and was too loose so this is a brand new socket that I had fitted... would this still be an issue?
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lord of time
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just checked its definately not the socket - i feel like its 350 quid down the drain if i cant get it working
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The Vampire clips onto the existing processor correct? Have you tried cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol?
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Mark sealey
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Hang in there mate...have you posted on the Vampire user group on facebook...?
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