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Are these programs still considered essential today?

are the following programs still considered essential or are they outdated for kickstart/wb 3.1 use?

- magic wb 2.1p

- tools daemon 2.1a
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They are extremely useful up until WB 3.5+. AsyncWB replaced MagicWB partially and an AREXX port replaced ToolsDaemon's menu additions.
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ok, thankyou.

its hard to know what is still useful after all these years because, although its all on aminet, theres no definitive guide to what is better/outdated etc and what to use.
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I've never liked MagicWB. It's nothing but a complete eyesore, the original WB looks far nicer in my opinion.

I don't even know what Tools Daemon is.

I wouldn't call either of these utilities essential at all. I'd call things like LhA, LZX, and KingCON essential.
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Originally Posted by liquidsmoke View Post
- magic wb 2.1p
The latest version of MagicWB is 2.0r (r = registered).
2.1p is only a preview of the next version which never came out (p = preview). You'll notice when you click on an icon. You'll see that there is no second image but only a black sqare which says "unregistered" or the like.

Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
AsyncWB replaced MagicWB
AsyncWB and MagicWB have nothing in common. MagicWB is a set of icons and background patterns while AsyncWB is an extension for OS3.9 which executes copy and move operations without blocking the desktop.
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Originally Posted by liquidsmoke View Post
are the following programs still considered essential or are they outdated for kickstart/wb 3.1 use?

- tools daemon 2.1a
Toolsdaemon works fine in OS 3.1, if you go above 3.1, you should patch it to support the new workbench.library. The patch is available on aminet.
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Yep, MagicWB was more a style of visuals, including icons and backdrops, that took advantage of a particular 8-colour palette. For low-end systems it really made great use of such a limited palette. Its only real functional part was a patch that fixed the necessary colours in the palette, and that function was integrated directly into Workbench from 3.5 on. For WB 3.1 use it's still relevant I guess, though there are other tools that can achieve a similar result.
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