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Amiga 'rush jobs'

I've just been playing Rugby: The World Cup again, and it's very striking the extent to which the game was rush-released so as to be out in time for the tournament itself. The menu text is far too small, and there's no way to skip clicking through the Amiga V Amiga matches. The computer AI only attempts to kick drop goals while directly in line with the post, and bizarrely can do this while almost under the posts. Although angled kicks to bounce in an accurately unrealistic way, straight kicks always bounce exactly straight. Computer players run in a straight vertical line, and simply follow each other directly in a precise block, especially when chasing vertical kicks. This could have been a good game, but these flaws make it very hard to enjoy.

So which other games come to mind, where a tiny bit of extra work could have resulted in a far better game, if Christmas, a tie-in event or financial issues at a company hadn't caused it to be released while not perfected? I'm not talking about games which were always going to be crap, I'm thinking about games which fall just short (or even those you love despite their flaws).
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Goal! is a brilliant game with good gameplay, but the teams´lineups are all messed up.
I have a hard time cleaning this up. Obviously there wasn´t time enough to change this before release.
I wish Dino Dini would help me with his records to make a better version because it´s difficult to do a research about every player and team.
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Goal! is a good example, oddly as it was released mid-summer in a year without a World Cup or Euros. The Cup competition got left out by accident even though the manual described it too.
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Outrun Europe could be good game, just throw away bike sprite and water-jet level sections. Keep tracks and white / red sport cars and You will have good outrun game.
Skeleton Krew - keep first, second and last level, rest should be re-made. Add power-ups and shop between levels.
Alien Bash 2 - made more levels with different environments (every level is based on original desert - canyon, but there could be more parts with snow, rain, swamps and forest sprites).
Alien Breed 3d - just add 1x1 pixel mode, change HUD design.
Chaos Engine 2 - build Time Engine, go back in time and prevent this game from release, force developers to make this game with first Chaos Engine mechanics - if it work, do not change it.
Leander - as much as it's great game it lacks both music and sound effects feature.
Bubble'n'Squeak - it's good game but few first levels should be shorter and simpler so it would be better to get into this game and learn basics.
Kid Chaos - add more time and make monsters do less damage. Also in few places add platform here ad there so long jumps would be less frustrating if You fall down and need to repeat section again.
Lollypop - if You die timer should be reset too.
Donk the samurai duck - if You finish level energy should be restored, also fix some enemies so they only reduce Your energy, but not kill You on collision, also make some of them slower, and reduce number of gems to collect to finish level from 100% to let's say 80%.
Apocalypse - add ending sequence with same quality as intro and You will have great game.
Blastar - lower prices for weapons in shop.
Capital Punishment - lower the difficulty so game could be playable.
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+1 for Chaos Engine 2! what a waste!
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Silly Putty. Later, at least, re-released as Putty with most bugs fixed. But still, if more time would be available, it would be much better game. It would probably keep the quality of the early levels.
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Title music in Double Dragon is just sampled loop with bad quality, I think it was faster to do. Miami Chase gameplay seems to be unfinished but maybe it's just not my taste.
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Sadly I think in most cases, the developers had great ideas, but due to money hungry bosses and tight schedules, they were forced to release some games early :\
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