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Hi there! I am very new to anything AMIGA :(

Hello everyone!
I am the dumbest person to anything computer ( I am surprised I made it this far lool ) I live here in Southeast TEXAS all my life. I have been in true love of classic game since I played them in 1988 ( I was 8 years old). and since then I have became a serious collector and video game preservation enthusiast to help preserve games from my nostalgic gratification. I will get to the point so I don't waste your time and I am truly sorry if I did. I want to play the BEST version of TURRICAN and TURRICAN II for the AMIGA. If I buy a later model AMIGA (like the AMIGA 600, AMIGA 100, AMIGA 1200,AMIGA 300 etc.) WILL that mean TURRICAN and TURRICAN II will look better, sound better, play better than if I played it on an AMIGA 500? Is the PAL version of TURRICAN and TURRICAN II better than the NTSC? can I use an big sized LCD flatscreen to display TURRICAN and TURRICAN II the BEST graphical look from a REAL AMIGA computer running the ORIGINAL TURRICAN and TURRICAN II from their original floppy's? I am SO SORRY for bothering you all with this, but I am in real trouble, and I just want to FIRST establish playing these two games in the BEST graphic, BEST sound and BEST gameplay experience in their purest/futuristic and perpetuating form I can possibly make it. Then, I will look into preserving the legendary AMIGA computer systems in their PUREST form as well as their classic games. I came here because I have the greatest TRUST and RESPECT for ALL of you here, and I want to HONOR you ALL and hope you are okay with me here to learn and not be stupid anymore lool. I am serious with all my heart to indefinitely preserve the purest and BEST form of TURRICAN and TURRICAN II for the AMIGA as I can make it before I go into the emulated versions and the other legendary gems of the AMIGA out there. I want to thank you all for reading this and giving me a chance, I wish you all the best from all my heart,
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Hello. Amiga 1000 was before 500. Turrican on all Amiga computers looks the same.
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All Amigas have same audio hardware, and most have same video hardware (A1200 and A4000 have AGA chipset, more colors). There should be no difference playing Turrican on A1000, A500, A2000 and A3000, there could be some issues playing it on A1200 or A4000 (using WHDLoad -running games from HD, could solved this problem), others could verify that for you.
So, to answer your question, NO, the game will not look better, and infact, if you play it on modern LCD TV it may actually look worse.
You should get a RGB to SVideo converter for BEST results, there is a guy from Australia who is selling them here.
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No matter which of the Amiga models you use, Turrican will look the same. You may get some compatibility issues though.
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Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
You may get some compatibility issues though.
Long live WHDLoad, .
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For best audio output it is "important" to connect your Amiga to a HiFi system. Especially in case of Turrican. Video is a bit more tricky as other already mentioned above. Different solutions with different results. Maybe a indivision ECS or AGA flickerfixer is the choice.
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is there anywhere where i can buy TURRICAN and TURRICAN with only a U.S. Postal money order? I have no bank account and no credit or debit cards, I have the absolute WORST luck on getting approved for ANY Credit or Debit card since I started in 2003, I keep on getting turned down. The only option left is to find anyone who can sell me TURRICAN and TURRICAN II for the AMIGA. Please help me, I am done for

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