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Gamebase V1.2

A Gamebase update after 3 years, wow!!! Some nice fixes & improvements.

GameBase v1.2 (18 August 2007)
- Added filter functionality in 'Select' window for setting the Programmer, Musician, etc., and included new button label in GBText.ini
- When adding a new game/SID the name is automatically extracted and copied to the 'Add' dialog
- At startup the frontend can now detect drive letter changes. If a directory from paths.ini can not be found the actual drive letter will be used as a fallback.
- Support for relative paths within the INI files

- Moved registration of GameBase DLLs into the main executable (no longer requires regsvr32.exe for GBFuncs.dll, GBSql.dll, Gemus.dll, PNGLib.dll)
- Better filename extraction from D64 images (capital characters, tailing spaces, etc.)
- Improved readability of D64 images (capital & special characters) in 'Game Selector'
- Improved the set and clear links mechanism and removed checkbox from the 'Set Game Link' window and GBText.ini
- Database selection window now visible in task bar
- Changed contact email address to *removed by request*

== FIXES ==
- Fixed bug where PNG images would incorrectly be displayed as a white screen (new PNGlib.dll)
- Fixed bug in custom views that prevented the proper combination of Extras with other game filters (games without Extras are now searched)
- Increased timeout when converting images from BMP to PNG/GIF prevent incorrect conversion failed message
- The 'Picture Selector' will now be refreshed if a screenshot conversion timeout occurs
- Added space between delete button and other buttons on Extras dialog box to prevent accidental deletions
- Removing an entry from the 'Manage Emulators' dialog will now affect the EMULATOR.INI file

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Great to see the GB crew kept their promise and released Gamebase64 v05 along with the new app version
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Send a message via MSN to GameBase
email address

hey there!

Please can you remove the gamebasefe@ email address from the above post... I don't wanna get spammed to hell!

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Old 11 September 2007, 09:33   #5
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Anyone else getting strange crashes with the new 1.2 version? Happens when I use Gamebase Amiga and with certain games. All I need is to browse a certain game(s) and suddenly I can't do anything anymore, everything freezes and I have to quit GB and restart it.
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Hi all,

I have download and installed the whole package v1.5

Everything worked GOOD,games,music,whd,everything....

Suddenly gamebase freezes with browsing and i have to quit!

What could it be?

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Old 27 March 2008, 12:18   #7
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Does it work ok again after you reload it?

Does it always seem to freeze in the same place?

A new beta of gbplayer will probably be coming out soon, so you may want to try it with that instead.
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Old 31 March 2008, 20:53   #8
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Gamebase v1.2

I have deleted all config files and installed again

Great Gamebase!

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