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Many thanks idrougge once again. I am waiting for a supposedly unaltered A4000T install disk, I shall update the site with the info you provided as soon as I receive it.
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A new load of diskettes were donated to the club, so once more I have ripped some original applications, some old system and driver disks, some packs and some demos.
A500 board level system tests PAL v5 (1987-03-26)(Commodore)[m].adf
A500 burnin PAL v5 (1987-03-26)(Commodore)[m].adf
Aegis DRAW Plus v2.0 (1986)(Aegis)(Disk 1 of 2)[a].adf
Aegis DRAW Plus v2.0 (1986)(Aegis)(Disk 2 of 2).adf
Amiga 2058 RAM Test Disk v5 (1988-05-23)(Commodore).adf
Amiga 2090 Hard Disk Software (1987-08-19)(Commodore).adf
Deluxe Paint I (1985-11-28)(Electronic Arts)[112302].adf
Deluxe Paint III v3.14 (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 1 of 3)(Program)[E10511EL-1].adf
Deluxe Paint III v3.14 (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 2 of 3)(Art Disk)[E10511XL-2].adf
Deluxe Paint III v3.14 (1989)(Electronic Arts)(Disk 3 of 3)(Animation Disk)[E10511XL-3].adf
Digi-Paint (1987)(NewTek)(US)[cp manual code].adf
Digi-View v3.0 PAL (1987-12-13)(NewTek).adf
DynamicCAD v2.1 (1986-10-10)(Drafting Dynamics - MicroIllusions)(US)(Disk 1 of 3)(Master program).adf
DynamicCAD v2.1 (1986-10-10)(Drafting Dynamics - MicroIllusions)(US)(Disk 2 of 3)(Sample drawings).adf
DynamicCAD v2.1 (1986-10-10)(Drafting Dynamics - MicroIllusions)(US)(Disk 3 of 3)(Libraries).adf
EpromDevice v1.00 (1988)(Rex Datentechnik)(DE).adf
Glos v3.1 (1993)(Caddizen & Macro - QLT)(SE).adf
VideoFonts Decorative 1 (1992-11-26)(Gold Disk)(CA).adf
VideoFonts Decorative 2 (1992-11-26)(Gold Disk)(CA).adf
Your Family Tree v2.2a (1992-10-12)(MVP Software)(US).adf

Amiga Power #15 (1992)(Future Publishing)(GB)(Disk 1 of 2)[Jul 1992].adf
Amiga Power #15 (1992)(Future Publishing)(GB)(Disk 2 of 2)[Jul 1992][Mental Image Gamedisk II].adf

Harem copyparty partydisk (1990-03-08)(Harem)(SE).adf
Mumbo Jumbo music disk (19xx)(Snurgelgmurf Soft)(SE).adf

Creams feta musikdisk (1996)(Cream)(SE).adf
Digital utility disk 1.1 (1989)(Digital Technology).adf

Extras v1.2 (1987)[A2000][380706-05].adf
Extras v1.2 - Basic v1.2 (1987-04-27)(Commodore)[380706-09][a4].adf
Workbench v1.2i r33.47 (1987-02-27)(Commodore)[A2000][380724-05][m].adf
Workbench v1.2i r33.56 (1987-06-02)(Commodore)(SE-FI)[A2000][380724-09][m].adf
Workbench v1.3 r34.21 (1989)(Commodore)(SE-FI)[317796-01].adf
Hiresolution pictures are in Uploads/idrougge/pictures on the FTP.
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idrougge, could you upload the Imagine Companion disk again, it was in one of your early uploads, but they cant be found on the ftp. Thanks for your work and hope to see everything in TOSEC soon.
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I have just bought a copy of intersound but I'm getting some read errors on the disk. I was hoping to find an ADF but this is the only source that popped up. I am completely unable to find MAI's FTP anywhere. Am I being a noob or is it no longer available? Some early post mentioned it being listed in a sticky but I cant find it.
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