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OS 3.9 Desktop icon font gone wrong

Hi guys, I have a problem... I've received and installed 2 KS 3.9 custom roms (1MB) on my A1200 running Classic Workbench 3.9 following the instructions given by the seller...

- SetPatch NoRomUpdate Quiet
- delete Devs:AmigaOS ROM Update
- remove all KingCON files if installed
- put a ; before C:ConClip in the startup-sequence
- remove all antclic D7 if installed
- delete the Sys:Libs/icon.library
- delete the Sys:Libs/workbench.library

Now, icon.library 46.4 and workbench.library 45.132 are already included in the roms...The problem is, each time I boot the desktop icon font is not the classic XHelveticaC but a bold golden font (actually while WB loads icon text becomes light blue, brown and eventually golden, but sometimes the text becomes also green or red) See the picture...

If I save the correct font in Prefs/fonts the text becomes normal, but when I reboot the saving is lost and the "multicolor" font pops up again...

The strange thing is, if i put workbench.library 45.134 in Sys/Libs everything with desktop icon font works normally.

Is there any way to avoid this? Maybe the workbench.library stored in rom is corrupted? I can give other details about my configuration if needed.

Thanks for attention.
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The issue is that the custom ROM you bought is hacked here and there to attempt to add features and/or correct bugs. And most of the time, despite the good intentions behind this, unexpected unwanted side effects occur.

This is because altering a kickstart rom requires a deep knowledge of the underlying hardware architecture and core of AmigaOS. I can assure you it is not a walk in the park, as some users think.

Anyone for sure can use Remus and RomSplit and burn their own roms, but only a handful know the real implications and consequences. And then, even less people have the ability to produce a "harmless hack" or proper rom module reimplementation.

My advice is just to go back to unmodified roms and only try software patches/hacks using LoadModule. So if things dont work the way they should, you can easily go back.
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Try deleting the font.prefs file from "SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive/sys/" and then recreate it with the new Kickstart.
For the rest I agree with gulliver, with the original Kickstart and Loadmodule you have more options available
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I experimented more, also with a vanilla OS 3.9...Same story... Actually I discovered that if i disable the MapROM function of my ACA 1233n (C:ACAMapROM I Q to map internal rom) everything works like a charm - The problem in the end is Workbench desktop icon prefs get ignored in favour of topaz if i enable MapROM - So, maybe, workbench 45,132 is not 100% mappable? The problem is with workbench.library or 1633n and 1633n.library... Should I ask on Individual Computers forum? Any idea to circumvent this?

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