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Stuck on stickers


With the new cases, new key caps etc for A1200's I thought it would be easy to get a nice shiny new A1200 HD label for my nice not yellow case.

There are sooo many Amiga and Commadore labels out there on Ebay and Etsi, but ... none for just an A1200 HD - least I cant find any.

There are ones for A1200HD/40's /60's, ppc even vampire systems but nada for a stock A1200 HD.

So has anyone had any luck finding a new case logo/label for their A1200 HD?

Have I just looked in the wrong place (probably...)?
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Have you seen this case badge?


There's also this


or this


or this without "HD". I prefer this one.


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Originally Posted by sean_skroht View Post

Hi there,

To be honest I hadn't seen any other than the last.

Many thanks for the links since mine is a Commadore model rather than Escom (1D motherboard) The 3rd looks the best match. I really wanted an HD version of the last but oh well.

Wonder why my ebay search didn't show them? I'm in the UK but normally you get everything from the worldwide stores as well. Odd.
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Also I'm looking one for my A500 plus as close as possible to original one...
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Pretty sure there was always a number attached to the 1200HD models. This however, refers to the size of the hard drive supplied with the machine rather than the CPU.
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