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Best Amiga Music Demos

Morning all,

One of the main things that attracted me to the Amiga from the Spectrum was the sound. Sure, the graphics were far beyond what the humble Speccy could churn out, but it was the sound that sold it for me (IK+, R-Type and Shadow of The Beast were the titles that wowed me back in the day).

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you guys/gals could recommend some of your favourite Amiga music demos.

My personal favourites are:

Legalise it 2
Book of Songs

I do also love a bit of chip music, so Axis Chip 1 and 2 are also favourites of mine.

Anyway, if you can suggest others I'd love to give them a whirl.

Many thanks!
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Old 11 March 2012, 18:21   #2
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BAD's House Music 5 is the best music demo I've ever seen on Amiga. It plays Jack to the Sound of the Underground from Hithouse. The demo had that smiley acid face, a muscled man running and some VU´s metters. But unfortunately I have no idea where to find it. I'm looking this demo for years and no luck, if someone knows where to find it, please let me know.

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Lizarking :
Memorial Songs / ATZ
Memorial Songs 2 / RAZOR 1911

Tip & Mantronix :
Crystal Symphonies / PHA
Crystal Symphonies 2 / PHA

Scoopex Melodies / SCOOPEX
Spring Melodies / ANARCHY

Ganja :
Extravanga / NERVE AXIS

Jazzcat :
Kiss My Jazz / APPENDIX & PSL need a modern amiga, you can find a fix for Winuae on this link

Bit Arts :
Turmoil / SANITY

Blue Silence :
Pastel Vanilla / NOVA

Moby :
Sound disk / IMPACT Inc
More than music / ATZ

Dr.Awesome & Fleshbrain :
Bass'o'matic / CRUSADERS

Revisq :
Sound Garden / ANADUNE

Mr.Man & Lord Interface & Lizard :

and for chip music :
Martin Galway Music Show / RSI
and the conversion of the B.I.G. Demo by Mr.Styckx
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Old 21 March 2012, 20:11   #5
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The Grooving Brothers:
Surfing on the JazzWave
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Old 25 April 2012, 14:54   #6
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One really strong memory is hearing "Oc San Geen" from an AF or CU amiga disk, cant remember which disk but that blew me away!

That coupled with games like Assassin really nailed it for me and soon after that I got rid of the atari st. This was around the time A500's were still £300+

My A500 was secondhand, had no rubber feet and no box. I never did find out why the feet were removed but it was the first amiga I had ever owned and I love it to bits

Still amazes me even to this day how good it can sound with the right samples.
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Old 01 May 2012, 23:42   #7
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For me, is some kind of what year when I hear them at first time or have seen it for the first time, but long story short.
The Black Lotus Starsturck
The Silents (DK) The Master Demon Download
Someone allready said Jungle Command - Music Invasion II Think it was my first music collection for amiga

Elude Lightshaft/Soliloquy others stuff from Elude is quite awesome too
There is proparly alot more like from groups like Kefrens, LSD ect. I could hear that Jesus on E's for long time.
The first music I also enjoy was more form an intro tune name is Echoing made by Banana / TEK to a red/black chessboard zooming around.

Think my list will be to long
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Old 04 July 2012, 12:30   #8
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Unstable Label - 8 Bit Jungle


Three disc non-stop mix of DnB. The coding is fantastic. I'm not one for DnB but the music here is at the top of it's genre.

Anarchy - Reflections 1 & 2


4-Mat of Anarchy is one of the best Amiga musicians out there. Music at this quality seems effortless for him. "Her Song" especially is brilliant. I'm always surprised these albums remain relatively unknown.
Reflections 1 is the stronger of the two. And don't bother with the actual discs, the coding is horrible. Just grab the mods from exotica or somewhere.

MegaMusicDisc - Zymosis


Some lovely chip tunes here. And runs nicely from one file, no floppy required.
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Old 08 March 2013, 14:44   #9

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Yep me too,I had a C64 and manged to get A500 in 1991 on HP I think it was about £700 with the APR added on.I loved the music from it,it was the first Octmed,The disk was on a mag I think it was Amiga Power not sure,I use to buy a lot of them couldn't afford the games at the time.I love the Spedballs demo can't remember what its called,with the dancing men and women.

If most demos come in adf format how can I put them on my hard drive to run in Tiny Launcher..??

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Superdrug by Loonies: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=4781
64K music disk, containing lots of goa/acid tracks. Technically stunning even if you don't like the music.
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Old 16 April 2013, 22:13   #11
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Titanics Titan Trax - http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=2981

Great house tracks still sounds great today through an amp. Shame its OCS only.
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Old 20 October 2013, 22:21   #12

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Originally Posted by Mark36 View Post
Titanics Titan Trax - http://bitworld.bitfellas.org/demo.php?id=2981

Great house tracks still sounds great today through an amp. Shame its OCS only.
I loved that demo, still do, quite like C-64 Panther remix in Hardwired too and The 100 Most Remembered C64 Game-Tunes has to rate up there as well!
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Old 01 November 2013, 08:37   #13
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Thumbs up

Well here are some Tunes I made over 23 years
ago on my A500, Just scroll down to the Amiga




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maybe strange because it emulates the C64 and the SID but its the music disc I listened to for the longest time:

the 100 most remembered C64 game-tunes
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Old 23 June 2018, 10:38   #15
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For a musicdisk, I HAVE to recommend Share and Enjoy's Amazing Tunes II:

A lot of great tunes with samples from lots of popular sources, and the all-time classic Batman-themed "Batmeat"!
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Old 21 July 2018, 21:26   #16
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Real Empathy by Virtual

The music is original and very very well presented IMHO
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Old 22 July 2018, 03:31   #17
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DissiSid series.
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The name is actually "DisIsSid"
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