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Old 27 February 2017, 02:51   #1
Chris CC
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Help getting back into the Amiga

Hi guys,

Just trying to get back into the Amiga after last being into it in the early 90s. Got a 500+ and bought a Gotek drive and sorted games out, though might look to put the Gotek into an A600. Got a Zipstick and a TAC2 so covered there.

So mostly sorted.

My big issue now though is display and room.

I have one TV, a massive 65inch Samsung KS9000. Great TV, but it doesn't have a scart socket :-/. That means I'm forced to look at either a new monitor or TV or...scart RGB to HDMI conversion.

Cash is difficult enough, but room is even more of a killer.

I was hoping something like this might work well and do the job


But really I haven't got a clue and no experience in this area and so would greatly welcome any advice. If not the above, is there another affordable solution in terms of RGB scart to HDMI that might work well?

I know that CRT is best, and maybe that is something to consider too, along with any half decent lcd panels with scart. So any affordable smallish CRTs/LCDs would also give me welcome options. I feel I have got as far as I can get at this point without just leaping in the dark.

Massively looking forward to playing Kickoff 2 again
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Adrian Browne
Jackie Chan
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Indivision ecs - but yeah it's not cheap http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/...roducts_id=918

I just powered up my old amiga monitor last week and she still works fine after more than 26 years... I'm getting old aren't I? I was looking for an old crt telly too as indivisions are to pricey for me right now.
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Old 27 February 2017, 09:39   #3
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Samsung LW15M23.
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Old 27 February 2017, 21:52   #4
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In the same boat myself - just started using my 1200 again and the picture on my flatscreen through scart is terrible. I use my old crt portable tv sometimes but that is not much better.
I'm interested to know if the scart to hdmi adapters are worth it?
I'm looking for an old monitor at the moment, but again like you space is an issue
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Old 02 March 2017, 01:05   #5
Chris CC
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Picked up a 4:3 20inch LCD with scart socket off of ebay. Just waiting for it to be delivered, hopefully it's in the good condition the seller stated lol.

It's not a perfect option by any means, but hopefully it does the job. LCD meant the weight was low, which meant I could get it delivered - most CRTs being pick up only. The price was £35, 4:3 means I get more screen bang for buck from the Amiga, but I deliberately chose something that wasn't too big to limit the issue of artefacts that LCDs bring with them. Maybe down the line in a few years I can get that perfect CRT, but fingers crossed this is ok for now.

I've managed to get a huge number of games on the Gotek and without the arse ache and technical issues that come with having to sort WHD load on an A600. I would have preferred whdload, but I've cut my cloth accordingly and to be fair, it's going to be a massive step up from having to swap discs like in the old days.

I'd be interested to know how others do...
Old 13 March 2017, 18:07   #6
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Hit or miss with scart to hdmi. Mine was just awful.
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Old 13 March 2017, 19:39   #7
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Old 4:3 Samsung LCD TVs tend to work quite well.
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Old 13 March 2017, 21:09   #8
Pat the Cat

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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Old 4:3 Samsung LCD TVs tend to work quite well.
+1, got an LE16S51BPX/XEU from a British Heart Foundation charity shop for £30.

Have not tried the SVGA connector on it, but even if does not do 15KHz video modes that way, am all set for Productivity mode. Scart, SVHS, composite... plus built in speakers and remote, was a bargain.
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Old 16 March 2017, 16:02   #9
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I would highly recommend a small portable LCD TV with SCART and just get it out when you want to use the Amiga, they are small enough to keep in a drawer. All the games were designed for 4:3 screens anyway, so huge 16:9 TVs really don't do them any justice.

I wouldn't worry about a CRT, I have an original 1940 monitor and honestly it's more hassle than it's worth. Yes the picture looks great when it is working, but at 25 years old it is starting to bleed so text is quite hard to read, and I've had to get it repaired recently as the red signal stopped working. Should have just kept the LCD.
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Old 11 May 2017, 16:20   #10
Glen M
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I have previously used a gonbes gbs-8200 scan doubler. They can be had for circa £20 on ebay and to be honest for the money they are very hard to beat!

You will need to make a cable for it but the components can be had very cheap. Yes there are the odd screen artifacts but for casual gaming its a perfect piece of hardware.
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