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ZIP RAM for Oktagon 508

To the learnered Amiga users and all their wisdom.

I recently just purchased an Oktagon 508 Hdd for my amiga500 but without memory.

Im chasing RAM to put in the Oktagon 508; What is the difference between ZIP Fast Page Mode RAM types and ZIP Page Mode RAM, are they the same if not is it compatable with devices that require ZIP.

What is a good way (Software Ect) to format a CF card to use as an amiga hard drive?

Any assistance on these matters would be awesome,
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"Fast Page Mode (FPM)

Fast page mode is a modification of an older idea called Page Mode. To begin I will explain what page mode is and how fast page mode was made better. Page mode is a special access mode that enables an entire "page" of data to be held at one time. This would now allow column addresses to read from the held page without waiting for row address setup. Fast page mode made the improvement by removing the column address setup time during the page cycle. This mode is still being used in many systems because there is a reduced power consumption in memory. Although because of several drawbacks, FPM is not in any demand and is least desirable of the available DRAM memory types."
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Welcome to the board, both of you!

It should accept both types according to this.

You could format a card or HDD with WinUAE, or on the a500 booting from a wb disk with hdtoolbox, or from the Octagon disk, or another hdd should you have one connected somehow.

If it's indeed an Octagon 508 and not an AT-BUS 508, it's SCSI, so you cannot use a CF directly.
You'd need an (expensive) scsi-ide adapter (Acard or Yamaha) or something like the scsi2sd.

Finally, old scsi controllers do not nessecarily work with modern large drives.
I don't know about this one, but I'd start with something <= 1GB.

Edit: Ah. quite an old post. Oh well..
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