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Weird A-Max / A1000 issue

OK, I thought this worked before, but I can't be 100% positive...
Anyway, I have an A-Max; the cartridge version that plugs into the floppy drive port...
I had some memory issues with my A1000 recently (floppy was bad, replaced it with a working floppy, but the Insider II wouldn't fit anymore.. so I was down to very little mem for a bit) so I didn't really do much with it..
Just recently got a different 4M memory upgrade (under the CPU), so I was putting things together and decided to pull out the A-Max and hook that up also..
Well, I did, but I was having problems reading the ROMs from the cart with A-Max version 1, and A-Max version 2 would read the ROMs, but the Mac floppy wouldn't boot from a Mac disk.. It didn't sound like the drive was spinning.. Hmm.. Something wrong with my A-Max?
Plug it into the A500, and it all works... Mac floppy booting, reading ROM from cart.. All good..

So, my A1000.. Well, A-Max manual says your CIAs have to be happy for this stuff to work... Bad CIAs??? Only way I know to test...
I swap the A500 and A1000 CIAs... Result?
A-Max still works in the A500 and still doesn't in the A1000... :-(

OK, so having A-Max running isn't critical.. But, it should work...

I even tried removing the CPU RAM and running it with just the 512k.
A-Max 2 doesn't load, not enough memory, but A-Max 1 does, but still doesn't work..
So, it's not the RAM, it's not the A-Max (unless it has something wrong with it that makes it not work with an A1000, but works with an A500??)..

As I said, A-Max isn't critical, but it sounds like a sign that something on the A1000 isn't kosher...
Other external floppies work..
In fact, an external floppy daisy chained off of the back of the A-Max works. I was able to load A-Max from that external floppy. Just not get it to read a Mac format floppy off of the Mac floppy drive..

What might I look for? Power? Resistors? Caps?

I'm not great with electronics, but I have a multimeter.. ;-)

(This A1000 I have has had a rough life before I got him.....)

Thanx for any pointers,

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