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[AmigaCD] Genetic Species - Intro Fixed!!!

Heya guys,

This is big news indeed so decided to post it under the Amiga scene section.

Anyone who's familiar with Genetic Species will know that the intro is flakey as hell i.e. the bottom 3rd of the screen jitters / jerks quit badly...

The intro is played via cdgsxl; actually a slightly updated version called "PlayAnim".

From analysing other games that also use "PlayAnim"; I've noticed that the option "blit" fixes these issues

Unfortunately though; when applied to the "Genetic Species" intro there are different colours flashing around the outside of the video area...

So, I decided to PM the main man ross with a killer challenge:

Originally Posted by DamienD
Heya my friend,

You well?

I know you like a challenge, so here's a killer one for you...

The game Genetic Species. The intro is very glitchy. It's a CDXL video file and is played using a program called "cdgsxl" or "PlayAnim"...

This program is used in other games to play the video files e.g. Alien Breed: Tower Assault CD32 and Inferno CD32.

Using the option "blit" fixes all issues

Unfortunately though, with the "Genetic Species" video; you then get flashing colours outside of the video area

I've created a .HDF where you can see the original and then with the "blit" option added. Grab the file from here.

Is is possible somehow through extra code to hack "PlayAnim" so that when using the option "blit" that any area outside of the video is forced black?

Anyway, 1.5 days later and ross has fixed the issue.

The man is a friggin' genius

So guys, if you want to fix the intro in this game then just do the following:
  • Download the file "Playanim_mod_ross.zip" from The Zone! and extract into your "Genetics/Geneticspecies" folder.
  • Edit the file "Genetics" from under the "Genetics" folder and add "blit" to this line:

    Genetics:Geneticspecies/GS-Foreword.exe "Genetics:Geneticspecies/Playanim Genetics:Geneticspecies/GS-Anim.Cdxl multipass dosxl lmbabort nopointer nolowpass view xlspeed=280 lores blit"
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Great news DamienD
Thank you for taking care of it and ross who fixed it. Much appreciated...
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To make it easy for people to see the differences, I've created an "EAB friendly" .HDF:

  • Original = the original installed intro.
  • Original+Blit = the original installed intro with the "blit" option added.
  • Original+Ross = the original installed intro with the "blit" option added and being played via ross's modified "PlayAnim".
Download from here and run via WinUAE with an "AGA 2MB Chip & 4MB Fast RAM" config.

Watch each video at least until the spaceship enters outer space, <Left Mouse Button> exits
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