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I remember getting a little peeved at the reactor but i never cheated!

It's just a matter of walking past the first point where it says you can put the card in until you reach a second section part, just whack it in there. Took me a while to figure this out though. I remember getting very angry.

Flashback is a superb game, my version never had a last level (damn shoddy cracks) so I only completed the penultimate level before I was treated to a black screen. I will play it again this weekend hopefully so who knows!
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Hey, anyone completed Flashback with the hardest difficulty level? I did this with the normal-difficulty level but i have problems near the end with the highest difficulty level.

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Hmm... maybe I'll start from hard difficulty level this time round.

Now I'd be pleased with completing it on hard mode! I'll probably get beaten to death in about 3 seconds.

Does hard mode just increase the bad guys difficulty rather than making any puzzles/areas more difficult?
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Originally Posted by StarEye
The problem was inserting the card. I had difficulty finding the exact position Conrad had to be when pressing enter. Other than that, it was quite simple, you only needed to memorize the obstacles you had to pass.
Got it in one! I suppose that's why its the one thing that I still remember a being a pain in the backside!

Ask & ye shall receive m8, the official site!
more general infos

Yes, a 2D Psx game & it was a good one!
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Not as much adventure gaming in the game as Flashback, and something were missing from the fluidity of the game, but in overall still a great platform game a bit in the same style as Flashback, but a bit more frantic. And it wasn't PSX only. I got both Oddyssee and Exoddus for the PC.

In general the controls of Abe were much like Conrad in Flashback, but no guns to be used though, and at places there were a bit more puzzle over things as to in which ledge you should jump to to avoid getting killed, how you could seperate the monsters who attack when in a group, how to best sneak past a guard and so on.

Never got the hang of those slugs, they always annoyed me a lot. Especially the small ones who'd wake up the larger ones if you stepped on them. And then suddently you were just running for your life.
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