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Originally Posted by bolding View Post
So, as soon as I began to dust of the old Amiga, my son at 3, 1/2 was interested.

He loves typing on my old typewrite - of course, the result is gibberish - but he loves it. And now that the old Amiga is back, and similarly to the typewriter and everything else that dad does, he wants to do the same.
you have to search "Educational - Typing" game only because many educational have always that require math, language and grammar that of corse a 3yo kids cannot have.

i think the best for you son could be:

Associate by Carraz: simple associate objects
Let's Spell at home and Let's Spell Out and About by Soft Stuff: you click an objects and you have to type the right keys
Mickey's Runaway Zoo by Disney: is educationa math but very very simple because the kid must look on the scren and count how many object there is and press right key on the keyboard
McGee, McGee at the Fun Fair and McGee: Katie Farm by Lawrence Productions: simple choose a comic and watching animations on the screen
All games by Merit that are simple mouse paint like At The Zoo, Dinosaur forever, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - World Tour,
Fun school 3: For the Under 5s by Database Educational
Kid Pix by Broderbund: simple paint software with automatic brush that for a kid is an excellent way to make nice pictures
Rock-a-Doodle: the Computerized Coloring Book by Capstone: another paint program for kid
Sesame Street Crayon series by Polarware that are paint for kid: Letters for You, Numbers Count, Opposite Attract
Mickey's ABC's: A Day at the Fair by Dinsey: typing on the keboard the right key
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Good thread, these are a nice challenge that force you to really reach deep down into your memory. I don't know educational games so I'm going to reach into the bag of games that I had myself (but I started at age 7). My votes:

Dynamite Dux - it's crazy, it's colorful, it's cartoony, it looks like it's made for kids. It's also a bit challenging but especially in two players it can be a blast and you get to let your kid beat the tar out of you in between levels pretending that you're making a huge effort to beat him

Postman Pat has already been mentioned. Even as a young adult I kind of enjoyed playing it from time to time, there is something relaxing about cruising around in the car. I don't think the learning curve is too high.

You could play Ducktales and let the kid fumble around flying the plane and such and taking the pictures but do the more difficult bits yourself. (and maybe skip the tense mummy mazes until he's a little older).

Maybe Edd the Duck as a non-violent platformer collectathon? It's not exactly the easiest game in the world because the controls can be a little sluggish but it's not that hard either.

Chuck Rock probably will put some smiles on their face if you do a little tag-team playing.

What else... Rolling Ronny maybe? I'm a little vague on that one, I don't remember it being TOO hard but then again - games that did not have "quick put another coin in!" Arcade difficulty were quite rare on the Miggy.
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Browsing the web, found these readings.
Maybe of some help for you and other parents out there
Kids and the Amiga
Kids and the Amiga Second Edition
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My daughter likes Wiz n Liz. She is 4.
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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
My daughter likes Wiz n Liz. She is 4.
Fantastic at 43 too
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Aquatic games.
Like track and field but for kids (and adults)
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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
My daughter likes Wiz n Liz. She is 4.

I love Wiz 'n' Liz and I'm adult the 2 player mode is especially fun.
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I bought her also Megadrive version recently
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Originally Posted by matburton View Post
I remember my sisters and I playing a lot of the Fun School series as kids and enjoying it
That's what I was going to suggest, I used to play the Fun School series all the time as a primary school age kid.
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I think the Disney games that are about cartoon characters are a great start! Roger Rabbit... not so much

I see there's a Donald Duck alphabet game there.

For non-keyboard ones there's also E-motion, Zany Golf, Breakout type games and that sort of thing that can be fun just to push buttons and see things happen on the screen, although you may have to help him out especially with the mouse.

Hangman except maybe not with a guy getting lynched would probably be a good game for a kid. Maybe someone falling over into water instead. If there is somesuch.

But it's true that most Amiga games are too advanced and don't use keyboard. So Educational either as published games or PD would be the best place.
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Super Oswald! http://hol.abime.net/3417
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In my family children often like shufflepuck cafe,
they just have to move the mouse to play.
Easy to play and fun.
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