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Just spotted the above offer. (Sorry, work and private life do take priority). Will have a look as the large icon and easy to navigate ( with box art etc ) look great on the telly.
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FS-64 is asking me to upgrade FS-Vice and all of those extras to the latest version so I did get all the latest 64-Bit versions but the messeges won't sod off down the bottom because the true latest versions haven't got the 64-Bit treatment yet.

Hope you can help me. As I'm liking that the latest version is expanding it.

VICE the one that does work for me in the new version dispite the messege saying out of date for the FS revision does have problems in the tape controls department of not being able to choose a spot on the tape to rewind or fast forward to as well as not letting me rewind or fast forward at all yet so it's bad if you die on a game because you have to restart the entire tape and computer.

It's only a minor issue but it's also only giving me the C64 machines and not the other great Commodore 8-Bits it covers too but thats only minor but not being able to rewind or fast forward seems to be a bug in it.

In the FS Frontend it didn't let me load up both sides of the disk in floppy mode but thats not the end all of be all though being able to rewind and fast forward a tape and to a precise number on the counter is though.

As for the sound it is missing the section where I can select Mono or Stereo and my SID Chip of choice between the 80 (newer and good on some new games but not so good on the classics) 81 (oldest and best for most games) and 82 (I don't think it's even emulated yet but it's probably not the best one). They are in the latest source code of VICE itself though so wouldn't be a problem to add in.

As for FS-Vice itself as it's the only one running without a gray error messege loving the idea of it and it plays well too. Can't speak for the other plugins yet none of them work for me. I thought the Spectrum would but it just closed the software after I booted it up it didn't grey screen errors but the icon blinked down the bottom and threw me out but that was probably the out of date thing so I guess I was lucky that VICE worked anyway maybe because it's code was still compatible with the latest 64 build although it wants an upgrade too unlike the others where they are probably not compatible as well as requiring an upgrade.

It might even be because some of them like the gameboy and megadrive ect require bios files but I haven't put any on there yet and that C64 works on it's own but it's cool that we are able to prat about in other systems.

If it was all merged rather than plugins and was fully working in 64 and not saying it needs non existant 64 updates I could see FS being a top multi system player.

It's already alright other than the bugs and the few settings missing on C64 and on FS-UAE it works top notch amazingly. I can see in time it becoming a major player for multisystem emulators.

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Finally tried the other platform databases via FS-UAE laucher 2.9.7dev4. But i get this error message for all installed and tested plugins.

Any clue what's wrong here? The launcher also says that some plugins are outdated (e.g. Vice or Mednafen). But these are the latest from here:

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