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Help setting up SSD - IMG too large

Hi all,

OK I have a pretty basic issue and if this were an RPi image I'd know what to do but It's Amiga partitions so I'm kind of stuck.

The Apollo OS r43 fixed image is a 32GB image file.
I want to apply it to a 32GB SSD (not CF card) but the SSD is slighty too small.

Win Image states:
More Space required than is available:
Required:62500864 sectors
Available:61500000 sectors
Sector Size: 512

The extra space DOES appear to contain data.
Continue Anyway?

I know I don't want to, would produce a corrupted partition more than likely.

I do have a 32GB SD card I can apply it to.

So my question is, if I apply it to an SD card, what software (on windows) can I use to grab a reduced size image and apply to SSD if such a thing exists.

I was going to try and use WinUAEW to leverage the move but I wouldn't know how to format the SSD before hand (insert SD card with image apply, mount SSD and CF in WinUAE, copy contents from one to the other - Done.

Problem is, i don't know exactly how the image is setup (partition types and sizes).

I'm guessing someone or more have overcome this issue already.

It'd be easy if there was an HDD cloning/copy utility for the Amiga. This way i wouldn't have to setup the SSD, just let WB do it.

What say ya'll?
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You will need to setup the new drive with Amiga Partitions and copy the data over manually. The last partition will be corrupt and the RDB will have incorrect data about the size of the target drive. It does work the other way round (i.e target drive is bigger) and you can use Thomas' fixhddsize tool to correct the RDB after and then reclaim any free space.
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Wow, Sorry I didn't respond to you, i didn't see any comments here and thought it went unanswered. I'm returning to announce what I did and it seems to be working.

I used a program HDD Raw copy to copy from my work SD/CF-Card to the SSD.

It did get an error at the very end.

I mounted the SSD and the SD/CF-Card in winUAE and verified (corrected where different) all the partition information. I noticed on the SD card AND on the SSD, there is some unpartitioned space at the end of the drives. I guess HDD Raw copy worked and just ran out of space on the SDD where there was no partition data so it worked.

In winUAE I was able to use HDToolbox, but when booting off my A500 with the SSD, HDToolbox doesn't even see the drive. I don't know which tool to use. I don't think HDToolbox could see the SD/CF-Card either. There's some other utility for that I think.

But it's up and running and working great as far as I can tell. do you think I have the wrong RDB info and should I ru that utility you mention (Thomas' fixhdsize tool)

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HDToolbox works fine, just point it to the right driver. Check SCSI_DEVICE_NAME in the tool types (icon information).
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Sweet. thanks - I was away traveling for the entire month of October and it took me another month to get back into the groove of things and I totally forgot about hdtoolbox tooltypes editing. Thank you for the remind *mental kick in the buttocks*.
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