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Beneath a Steel Sky CD32: Insert disk 11?

Hey there! Can anyone help me with the CD32 version of Beneath a Steel Sky. I'm playing it from HD using macUAE and it runs without any problems - until I enter the lift on the lower level in order to reach the ground (after entering Linc-space to get security clearance). At which point it requests: "Insert disk 11" and I cannot play any further! I know some people have had the same problem, but I have been unable to find a solution. I have checked the forum at BTTR where I downloaded the game and searched around, and have found no fix. Any help would be cool as I need to finish this game.....
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Sounds to me that it hasn't been installed properly, do you still have the zip file, if so try installing it again, and make sure you follow the instructions that BTTR have supplied, if that don't work try get disc 11 from somewhere and use it to see if it gets past the place your stuck.
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Disk 11?

That surely sounds strange if it is indeed the CD32 version, since that version came in A CD. How would it ask for a DISK?
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It should be a conversion from original Disk version (maybe a development version).
But it's a bad dump cause the games don't found the files related to Disk11...
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Wouldn't an assign command resolve that?
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Hey guys! Thanks for the replies!

I installed the game exactly as directed by the BTTR text file (essentially you just Unzip the file and drag the contents onto the HD). What I don't understand is that there is a disk 11 folder with data in it - so i guess It's corrupt (but why would it be on BTTR if so?)/the game has a bug/I need to "insert disk 11" myself - which I have tried, but there are a ton of files in the Disk 11 folder and I don't know which one to use?!?


Once again, cheers anyway - I'm going to persevere a little longer!!
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Back again!!

I've just had a thought! The game uses codes so that you can continue from various points (as you cannot save your position to disk). So all I need to do is obtain a code that lets me start from after gaining access to the ground level, i.e. after the game requests disk 11. Has anyone got a code I could try or know where I may find one?


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All the codes can be found here http://www.netrover.com/~timt/amicheats.html this may not help though
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If I can remember this correctly there never was a disk 11 for this game...

The original disk version just skipped past it on the install ???

I think this could be why you can't get a good version of disk 11..

I could be wrong as it is so long ago that I looked at this game.
Sorry for the confusion if I am....


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