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Games like Dungeon Master

Its not really a looking for a name of the game(s)
But i wanted to know about other games which are similar to Dungeon Master ..
I know these :
Dungeon Master II
Chaos Strikes Back
Eye of the Beholder I,II
Black Crypt
Abandoned Places I,II

Im sure they are more than this little list,did you guys tell me, what they are ?

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Tim Janssen
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Post More DM-style games

Her are some titles I can come up with at the moment:
Bane of the Cosmic Forge (Wizardry VI), Sir-Tech, 1992
Bloodwych, Imageworks 1989 (Two-player version of DM)
Captive, Tony Crowther, 1990
Corporation, Core Design, 1990
Das Schwarze Auge/ Blades of Destiny, Attic, 1992
Dragon Wars, Interplay 1990
Hired Guns, Psygnosis, 1993
Knightmare, Tony Crowther, 1992
Liberation, Tony Crowther, 1994
Perhilion, Psygnosis, 1993
Whale’s Voyage I, II, Neo Software Design, 1993, 1995
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RPGs with a first person view

Crystals of Arborea (Prequel to Ishars)

Ishar 1,2,3 (I think no one likes them other than me )

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny

Das Schwarze Auge (either a German game or German version of Realms)

Might and Magic 3 (and 2?)

Wizardry 6

Bards Tale series

Legends of Valour (has 3d graphics)

Ambermoon (Some limited parts play in first person)

Amberstar (Some limited parts play in first person)

Perihelion the Prophecy (Perfect graphics!!!)

Crystal Dragon (I only HEARD about it)

Robinson's Requiem (Strange 3d Graphics)

Only in Ishar and Crystals of Arborea games (I don't remember Legends of Valour), you can see and avoid your enemy before the battle begins, in nearly all other games, they pop out of nowhere.

Battle systems of all the games other than ishars are different than what you describe as "Similar to Dungeon Master".

As PC abandonware:

Lands of Lore (By westwood, looks like EOB but not D&D)

Realms of Arkania sequels (Forgot the names but they begin with Realms of Arkania)

Eye of the Beholder III

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We may count Waxworks, Elvira 1 and 2 but are more like Adventure titles.
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damn i forget so many games ..
Ishar 1,2,3 that i played ..
Crystal of Arborea - that was predecessor of Ishar i think
Might and Magic 3 - i loved that game
Wizardry 6 (Bane of the Cosmic Forge?): not much good graphic,but overall perfect game,never finished it though.
Bards Tale : never played it.
Legends of Valour : nice,but it didnt move well on my A500

Im sure there are more games similar to dungeon master

Bloodwych is another game similar to DM.
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I can add 'Dungeons of Avalon' I & II.
They might be PD, but are very good !
You can find them on back2roots, I think.

Also there is another series of PD games, who are DM like. I forgot the name, but I think they had the word 'dawn' in them.
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The SSI RPG games have a somewhat 3D view on cities. I here refer to games such as Champions of krynn, dark queen of krynn (1 more game in the series I don't recall), pools of darkness, Pools of radiance, gateway to the savage north, treasures of the savage north (I think that was the name of the last 2)

Not sure how many of them exists for the Amiga too though.

And if you want PC as well there's Eye of the beholder 3 there as well as Dungeon hack which is basically EOB with a random level generator for you and less plot and puzzles.

My favorite fantasy 3D RPG though would have to be Ultima underworld 1, which reminds me that most Ultima games (up to 5 I think) had 3D views when you entered dungeons.
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Drake 1009 : well im want a list of rpg amiga games,not PC,but i agree that Ultima Underworld is perfect game.

And correct names are Gateway to the Savage Frontier and Treasures of the Savage Frontier,i have these games (original) (also with dungeon hack,shattered sun,unlimited adventures and few others + with cool wheel protection)

Overdoc : Dungeons of Avalon II,i played that,but since it was only in german,i didnt understand it fully,is there a english version?
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No, I am afraid they are German only....
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