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Oztion links

Let me be the first


His reply to my question about the validity of the WHDLoad key on this hard drive:

I haven't sold any before you IDIOT!!! Just relisted the same one!! What's on the drive has nothing to do with me or You fool! I have another for sale and it does not have it installed, so what the shit you going on about? Stuff you has i'm not selling any fraudulent keys! Read emails properly before jumping the gun! like stated in last email i'm selling the hard drive not what's on it that's a bonus to whom ever buy's it! ( Where are the many more before it? ) I don't see any sales for them in the past!! Pop what ever you want to him i'm doing not doing anything wrong! I'm allowed to sell my hard drive with what ever is on it and nothing can be done about it! So wepl & you can go jump!

Funny that...he's been selling drives set up exactly like this one for over a year now (maybe longer, but I've not seen).

He had trouble selling on eBay with still-currently copyrighted OS (3.9) installed on his HDDs, so has moved elsewhere...where they are slack & only remove auctions if the IP owner complains with a signed letter

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Workbitch 1.3

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The link doenst work but I know the guy you are talking about, same guy was selling 1200s on ebay for silly prices a while back and threatening to smash them if they didnt sell.
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Probably not the link THB...Oztion has been down since a few minutes after this thread was started.

Not related, but yeah, they seem to be offline...I even thought "this f*cking router again", hehehehe

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