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Kick 1.3 and 68060 ?

Hi all,

one thing I didnt find anything about in the whole www is a specific answer to the following question. I apologize if I should have found something .

What happens if you run a 68060 with Kick1.3/OS1.3?

I mean, does it just work, will it not work at all, or only under certain circumstances?

I was wondering when reading about the 2060 accelerator und thought about all the libs required to run a 060 properly.

Would it e.g. be possible to run games off floppies with an 060 ?

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Wont work in practice for many reasons.

This is more or less why WHDload exists, far more practical than floppies too.
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Many games and demos won't work, but that is not what was asked. I very much doubt that the 1.3 OS would work, as it does not have support for the 68040/68060.library.

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I am aware that many gomes of course wont work, regardless of floppy. Would be cool if it would, but floppy games are mostly for 68000 I guess.

Could you get to the Workbench 1.3 with an 060?
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OK seems to basically work, here is an excerpt from the Blizzard 2060 manual:

Kickstart version 1.3 Because Kickstart 1.3 does not recognize the 68060 properly ( it will be identified and initialized as a 68030 without FPU) and therefore only a part of the functionality is available. This means, that the buildin MMU and FPU can not be used. Applications using this features (e.g. Raytracer and similar software) will not function properly or even not at all, in worst case they will crash the system. Another problem is caused by the build in Fast SCSI-II Controller of the BLIZZARD 2060. This DMA-device depends on cache support-functions of the operating system, which are not available under Kickstart 1.3. Therefore the SCSI-II controller is deactivated on boot-time to enshure the integrity of your data. We encourage the usage of version 2.4 or better 3.1 to get the full the capabilities out of your BLIZZARD 2060 Turbo Board.

The MMUlibs from ThoR also require >2.04 KS.
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Games don't use the FPU and certainly not MMU. But most games would fail from much smaller changes, like the presence of caches, real fastmem, or even just a faster CPU. So it's not worth trying for this purpose. Maybe for the purpose of having the old fonts and icons? But you'd have to turn off so many features that it wouldn't be super fast anymore.
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Toni Wilen
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ACA500plus + Blizzard 1260 can boot under KS 1.3. It is not very useful (caches can't be enabled properly, FPU can't be used without 68060.library etc..) but it does work.
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I tried softkicking 1.3 on my A1200 Apollo 1260. I just get a white screen, but that's probably my FastATA controller causing that.

EDIT: There's the WHDLoad install of Workbench 1.3. That works for me but it has a problem on my setup, some weird time delays or something I can't remember, but it made it a pain to use. You can install software to it too, so it can be like a virtual 1.3 machine.
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