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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
Anyone would upload TTSAddict files to the file server, for me, please? I am collecting AIAB too...

Since 'Jaybee' stopped distribution, I am not willing to share this any more over my FTP. I could Zone it but its around 22mb. Don't know if that would be okay.

Maybe someone knows if its enough to keep one of the 10c installer executables + the aiab-r10.6-20071213 update zip and maybe the JIT file if its still needed with 10.6


Just noticed that the aiab-r10c.exe and the 'aiab.exe' have the same MD5 hash, so the aiab.exe can already go to the trash bin.
The 'aiab10c.exe' installer file also says it is corrupted (thats why the differing md5) so it can be safely deleted as well.
So what were now left with is a 10c and a 10.exe, where both are propably legit and the 10 is just an older version. Don't know why to keep it. I'll zone the 10c, the 10.6 update and the JIT file now.
If you want the older installer too, tell us.

Note that the 10c executable installer I zoned is *not* broken. It just doesn't seem to work with newer WinUAE installations. I used WinUAE 0.8.x to install it and then carried the harddisk directory over to WinUAE2700.
Install, then run on 0.8.x let it finish. Copy over the 10.6 update. Start the whole thing with 2700 and keep your fingers crossed. After the first boot on 2700 you might need to re-select your Workbench-resolution in preferences-screenmode/picassoscreenmode and then reboot.
If that still doesn't work, it might if you mindlessly re-install Picasso96 over and over again till your fingers bleed. At least that worked for me
Just kidding, I don't know what went wrong on my installation.
Under the extensions tab, you can select UAE Zorro 3 with 16mb vram. Works great.

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