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Amiga to CGA, EGA, VGA, S-VGA monitor

I have a number of 1084 monitors and sadly abandoned a precious 1080 Amiga monitor several years ago, but I have a question. I have in my possession a Goldstar 1440 Super Color Monitor released back in 1988. It offers a 9 pin din for input, has a load of controls that enable TTL, digital, analog and supports MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA and even S-VGA although not too well for the highest resolution of 800 X 600 resolution, this monitor is limited to 800 X 560. Still, I wonder if this monitor would sync and function with an Amiga since it's not limited to only TTL or digital, but supports analogue, which should permit the full Amiga palette...since it 's sort of an early stages multi-sync monitor I was curious if it would work...this crazy old thing was $799 US back in the day . I have all the connectors and was going to try the Amiga 23 pin to a 9 pin following a 9 pin vga diagram for wiring from the web. Before I start, does anyone with proper tech knowledge know if this will work? If not, it's not the end of the world, but I like to tinker around. I would think that some of the higher resolution modes would probably work with an Amiga 1200, but am curious if the lower resolution(game modes) would work with an average Amiga 1000 or 500 seeing that this monitor support analog cga/ega?
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If this monitor support CGA then it should work with Amiga - use VGA input as it is proper input for video signal generated by Amiga (analog video) MDA, CGA, EGA are digital signals and they will reduce Amiga video quality.

Perhaps some inf file from Win95 installation will be more useful to - most important information from Amiga perspective is Horizontal and Vertical frequencies supported by monitor - if monitor is capable to support 15kHz for H sync and 50 - 60Hz for V sync then it should be capable to operate wit Amiga.
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