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Need help with MonSpecsMUI


whenewer I run HighGFX mode (1024x768) my monitor switches to 1120x750 and the picture is ugly.

So I started experimenting with MonSpecsMUI and I got quite close to it (as I remember there was only 1 px misiing from the left side and from bottom)
That's WB in 1120x750:

I also discovered that my monitor has following resolutions (close to 1120x750):
1056 x 768 <-- that one I'd like to have
1053 x 754

but I just cannot understand what option is for what - it is a black magic to me and I'm just doing hit and miss (like before but then I was really lucky to get what I wanted (1150x750) - now... I just cannot even get close)

My starting base is highGFX (1024x756) and all I need is to increase horizontal size to 1056 and vertical to 768

I know that I need to change TOTCLK to $62 (then my monitor switches to 1056x768) and set the overscan settings to 0,1055 and 0,767.

What next??? Please ...

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Unfortunately, there is no manual for making/changing Monitors or I just don't know their existence. I haven't checked but you may find some information here: http://aminet.net/package/docs/misc/MonitorDriver

TotRow + related overscan settings is the next to enter I think.
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Thanks for the link - will check it right away.

Ok - no more, hehe.
I don't even want to think about adjusting my monitor anymore

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