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cheeky scoundrel
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15 minute Amiga 500 commercial

[ Show youtube player ]

Dunno if this has already been posted once. Pretty freaky video actually with all the smoke and bad lighting...
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cheeky scoundrel
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more stuff (ancient commercials for other systems) :

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Old 20 October 2006, 01:27   #3
aka ThunderPeel2001
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Thanks for posting! I don't know why they didn't keep that Amiga logo... it looked cool! Also: I'm sure the old A500s weren't supposed to have montiors lying on top of them...?? Don't block the air vents, surely?
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Old 20 October 2006, 20:18   #4
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I blocked mine all the time. Didn't affect the operation of the computer as I can remember. But the monitor never sat directly on top of the 500, of course.

Cool commercial though. I wish CBM could have followed up on that over the years.
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Old 20 October 2006, 21:20   #5
A1000 Addict
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Marketing makes or breaks a company, if there were more commercials like this only in TV spot form, there would be more than 2 computer companies around today.
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Old 23 October 2006, 03:27   #6
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That 15 minute commercial just depressed me. I hated Commodore's marketing. The amiga was so cool, and they presented it so incredibly uncool it hurts me still. I'd rather not watch any more of these. It is a testimony to the Amiga's greatness, that it was so popular even despite Commodore's pathetic attempts at marketing it. IMO, of course.
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Old 23 October 2006, 10:08   #7
cheeky scoundrel
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the commercial is uncool by todays standards, but I can't speak for commercials in those days. Perhaps people already had weakened minds from other similar commercials?

I experienced proper advertising up close and personal, last friday me and a mate were staring at this gigantic billboard for "the departed". Now all that board showed was closeups of the faces of Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Leonardo Dicaprio looking either pissed or full of themselves... our jaws dropped and we both agreed right then that we could not go in living without seeing that movie :s
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Hah, the Franklin and Roosevelt dollar grins cracked me up

The frat jock pretending to use the Amiga by simply moving the mouse around was also entertaining. Hehehe.

I'm downloading this.
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