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Poor man's PAL on NTSC composite A520

TLDR; Using a screen promotion utility...
What screenmodes work best to promote/convert various PAL resolutions to NTSC using an A520?

OK, it's pretty simple. I've posted about this before but I feel the need to be very specific. I do not want to purchase anything. I do not have anyway to display 15khz signal. I have been out of the scene for a long time so I am just learning about all of this now so forgive me if I am missing the obvious.

I am using a Vampire card and currently my A500 output native resolutions via the RGB port of which I have an A520 connected and using a composite video cable so I can use the rgb port as long as the signal is NTSC. The vampire outputs RTG.

I recently was made aware of "screen promotion" utilities but do not completely understand them.

Traces - the pre-blender 3D program that recently surfaced, opens in PAL mode so the bottom quarter (I think) is cut off. Using a screen promotion utility I was able to get the entire screen to display on my NTSC TV but the program became very unstable with graphical glitches. I'm using that as an example. Traces is low priority, I just seemed to make more progress with it as a test-bed than with.....

SweepOut - That newly released minesweeper game for online gameplay also opens up in PAL mode and I lose the bottom quarter as well. I have not yet been able to figure out how to promote that screen to seen it all.

My assumption is that after all these years someone has this figured out.
I really want to be able to see an entire PAL screen on my NTSC display without purchasing additional hardware or scan-doublers and I think this can be achieved with screen promotion utilities. Am I wrong?

Is anyone here a GURU in that area who can help be achieve my goals this way?

What screenmodes work best to promote various PAL resolution to?

Currently I'm playing with NewMode but was also told to try ModePro but I really don't know what I'm doing with these. Yes, I am still RTFM'ing for NewMode and scratching my head a bit.

EDIT: Playing around I discovered I at least won't be able to fix SweepOut - Newmode picks it up as AMOS NTSC:High Res 480 x 12 2 color - which it obviously is not. so I dunno what's going on there. My questions above stand tho' - there are plenty of times I run into this PAL mode on NTSC issue and wondering if screen promotion is a valid work around.

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You can't see the entire PAL screen in NTSC mode because the PAL screen simply is taller.
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