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Smile Amiga 1200 repro box layout

Hi guys,

I've been working for a while on this A1200 repro box project but now I have some useful info what I can share w/ you. (Btw, my original A500 repro box thread is located here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=82232. Temp pictures has been removed from photobucket but you can find everything on my google photos folder on this link: https://goo.gl/photos/1S8K7UyXtexgUEbaA

So... I can say I'm around of 90% - currently working on a final version of the left-right holders. Final set containing the big box, a left-right holder and the inlay of the cabling/psu components.

The entire project is non-commercial of course, but measures and the design has been built from scratch, based on my original A1200 box' graphics (even the original printing issues you can find on the surface). It was a really challenging task because of the non-standard font types, the manual scaling-stretching-distorting errors what Commy made - or the missing graphics parts. Only a small quantity will be made (around 40) specificly for the Hungarian amigaspirit community but a few remaining sets will be sold later. I don't know the exact price, benefit will be around zero so only the manufacturing/design fees must be paid. (it's around 35GBP + shipping cost).

To avoid of any "special" question:
- this will be the only version what I'm working on (UK box version w/ machine siluette on a top) - and i'm not planning any other region version
- currently only a small bunch of sets will be manufactured (sorry, I'm not a big investor and the original concept was only my own box' replacement). Doing this project because of an Amiga fan vocation only.
- I'm not planning a reprint of the A500 version (I've got a lot of questions around of this topic. But I'm happy to share w/ you the graphics layout for your own, "DIY" A500 repro)
- the cardboard will be much more durable (thicker, 2-layer width) than the original and have resistance against the moisture or blight
- the paint will have limited UV resistance

You can find the project photos and the current status here: https://goo.gl/photos/mb547bLqLiquAeMF8

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Only Amiga !!

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Impressive !! You have done a very good job of that, considering your resources. Always admire anyone who pays attention to detail and uses passion to succeed!

Good karma to you my friend, you deserve it !
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Old 26 February 2018, 17:32   #3
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Rendkívüli ! (I asked google translate ).
This is a really well done job !
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Old 26 February 2018, 18:57   #4
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Nice job. I'd definitely be interested in buying one. (I'm gutted I missed the A500 one )

If you are interested someone had some "polystyrene" inserts made for the Atari Falcon 030 repro boxes using a hot-wire to make the various shapes and then expoxy glue them together. Worked very well. You can JUST about tell it isn't an original.
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Old 28 February 2018, 21:04   #5
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A few pics about the v3.0 holders. I think this will be the final version. Keeps the machine safe against sliding between the sides and enough strong to fix the old lady in her place.

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Old 28 February 2018, 23:37   #6
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Great work!
I'd like one when you are ready
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Old 02 March 2018, 20:42   #7
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Thank you guys. I'll make only 40pcs. sets - 28 are already sold in Hungary at Amigaspirit fellows and local facebook retro groups but... the rest will be sold later.

My only concern is the shipping to the EU: I don't know which carrier is the best from price and safe perspective. All of the boxes will be send out from Budapest, Hungary.
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Great work, Stinger.
I tried to contact you by e-mail, no response for now. I think it is big mistake you will not produce more boxes than 40. Our community in CZ wants them too and for sure 40 is not enough ;-) Is there any chance for some cooperation with you? Sharing your work ...?
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