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Amiga cd from 1998

I was going over some old music cd's stored away and found my Amiga disc from 1998

I bought this way back.
The disc works fine and seems packed with lots of goodies.

a bit more nostalgia for some

Amgina Emulator 98 updated 2nd Edition

WinUAE 0.6.9 r13

Integrated GUI and Picasso96 Support - BETA 9


Please use the following type of template with all bug reports:
1. Amiga OS verions (kickstart and workbench)
2. Extensions running (MagicWB, NewIcons, DirOPUS, ToolManager, etc.)
3. Settings of Amiga that caused the problem
4. HostOS (Win95, Win95-OSR2, WinNT, etc.)
5. DirectX version
6. PC Graphics card and its drivers version

In Beta 9 - October 27, 1997
- IMPORTANT: Use Picasso96 1.29 rather than 1.30. 1.30 is broken.

- Blitting in >8-bit was broken in Beta 8

- Incorrect colours on some systems should now be fixed

- Advanced Page: "Slow Pixel Write" option no longer needed, the Picasso96
DirectDraw system has been re-engineered

- Port Settings Page: Printer and Serial shouldn't be invisible while running
UAE, just not selectable

- Rectangle filling should now work flawlessly

- Scroll-Lock again speeds up file-system accesses while in windowed mode

- Stretched dialog box and About button crashes can be fixed by installing
Dial-Up Networking and/or Internet Explorer on the Win95 system
In Beta 8 - October 25, 1997
- Removed all resolution and display-mode restrictions. 24-bit modes are
buggy and slower than 32-bit modes, so use them if you have problems.

- Some DirectDraw drivers are broken, and don't let a Picasso-screen open as
8-bit (for example) if their Windows desktop resolution is greater than 8-
bits per pixel. This used to cause me to display garbage all over the
desktop. Now, I exit gracefully, with advice for the user to set their
Windows desktop to 8-bit and try the problematic steps again.
NOTE: This problem doesn't happen under WinNT, and is purely a result of
broken DirectDraw drivers. Get the latest drivers for your card, and
contact them if the problem persists. It happens on my AGP-based
nVidia RIVA 128 card, and I'm not happy about it...

- InvertRect() function when using Picasso screens was broken, and always fell
back to the 68020 code to do things, instead of using DirectX.

- CheckBoard (Picasso96 utility on Amiga side) now works when on an Amiga

- Configurations Page: Description field would be associated with the wrong
configuration entries.

- Port Settings Page: available again while the emulation is running, via the
GUI. This allows you to change between joystick and mouse mode while running.

- About Page: Cloanto Copyright mentions are now removed.

- Display Settings Page: Width/Height of Amiga Window can now be custom-set in
the GUI, and no longer restricted to *just* the DirectDraw display-modes
available in the drop-down list. This is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR WINDOW MODE...

- Advanced Page: Script-bit support removed, since it is too dangerous.

NOTES: Some users have reported that ClassAct doesn't like my Picasso stuff,
or perhaps Picasso96 in general. Removing "caprefs" from their startup
sequence solved many problems.

Additionally, I highly recommend using FastIPrefs instead of IPrefs. It
makes alot of things faster and more stable. Try it please. I'm not
including it in this archive, because I am unsure of its status.
In Beta 7
- Fixed major bug in my new Picasso implementation regarding masks and blits.
Things became REALLY slow when blitting things, because I was falling back
to Picasso96-RTG functions on the Amiga-side in too many cases. Now, as in
BETA 4, more things are happening within UAE on Intel, rather than within
the "Amiga" itself.

- Added .adz support to floppies requester.

- Put the monitor driver back in the archive.

In Beta 6
- Removed "Powered by Amiga" logo. It belongs on the packaging, not the

- New UAEGFX.card library which goes in sys:Libs/Picasso96/ directory.

- GUI allows user to select resolution for Amiga ECS emulation, so that
games can be opened in a 320x240 screen (for example).

- ZorroIII expansion support allows up to an additional 16-megs of RAM.
No cmd-line option, though.

- FloppyDisk related ejection/insertion optimized.

- Can create blank-floppy disks using GUI while emulation is running.

- FloppyDisk settings page is the default page of the GUI once UAE is

- GUI has new "Advanced" settings page, which includes the adjustment
for copper-settings (like the cmd-line option 'C'), a new "Slow Pixel
Writes" option (see below), and a "Log Debug Information" option.

- Yet more file-system bugs fixed. This seems to fix IPrefs and MUI related
GURUs, and perhaps others.

- Fix for some people having cursor remnants getting blitted around. This
fix is with the new option "Slow Pixel Writes". This option will not be
necessary in the future, because I'll fix the REAL problem. For now, it
is a temporary work-around.

- Obey mask-values of drawing-operations while in Picasso96 screens. This
makes the Picasso96 modes slower, but more accurate. I *may* add a new
option to the new Advanced settings page that allows you to "Ignore Mask
Setting", in order to recover some speed. For now, however, accuracy is
the default.

- add back the END+F1..F4 keyboard shortcuts for ejecting floppies.
- fix lots of bugs.

NOTES: These are various FAQ type questions and answers about Picasso96

Q: Why does my backdrop picture for Workbench crash on a Picasso screen?
A: There was a file-system related bug which caused problems. It is fixed
in BETA 6.

Q: Do I have to use the new integrated GUI
A: No, just specify a command-line as per usual WinUAE operation, and the GUI
is avoided. BE WARNED, some new commands may be GUI only, since the
cmd-line interface is getting too complex (running out of letters, etc.).

Q: How do I specify Picasso96 gfx-card (UAEGFX) memory?
A: Use the new "-U n" cmd-line parameter where n is 1,2,4 or 8!!! megs, or
just use the new integrated GUI under Startup/Memory settings.

Q: Why is the speed increase so small?
A: Even though alot of custom-chip stuff doesn't have to be done when using
a Picasso96 screen, this only gives you a 25% boost in CPU emulation.
However, this CPU-boost is coupled with faster gfx as well, so the
perceived increase in speed isn't so bad... is it?
HINT: Try setting the CPU Priority to be 1 if you're mainly going to use
Workbench and Picasso screens.

Q: How do I get resolutions higher than 640x480 and 16-bit colour?
A: Wait a while. Once things have stabilized, and Picasso96 is available
in other UAE ports (Bernd is working on it for the Linux version), I
will uncripple this version. Look for an exciting alternative to this
delay soon.

Q: What took so long?
A: I wanted to release the GUI *and* the Picasso96 support at the same time.
Plus I have a life... sorta.

Q: Does ShapeShifter work better now?
A: Yes - at 8-bit 640x480 (for now). Additionally, the Amiga doesn't have
to be using a hard-file now in order for ShapeShifter's FileDisks to
work. I fixed this so that the Mac FileDisks can be on the normal Amiga
mounted MSDOS/NTFS volumes.

Q: I can't save configurations!
A: You're using the old beta version. Use this new one instead, or create a
directory called "Configurations" in the same directory as the uae.exe is

Q: Where are the other versions (68000, etc.)?
A: Coming soon.... honest!

Installation Procedure:
1. Get the latest Picasso96.lha archive from somewhere. Aminet, Village-
Tronic, Picasso96 home pages, Tim Gunn's web-page, etc.
3. Ignore its problem of not finding a gfx-card. This will be fixed soon.
4. Pick any gfx-card to install for.
5. Finish the installation.
6. Delete the not needed gfx-card driver that is sitting in devs:Monitors/
7. Put the UAEGFX and UAEGFX.info files from this archive into devs:Monitors/
8. Put the UAEGFX.card file into libs:Picasso96/ (which should exist from
the P96 installation)
9. Reboot the Amiga
10. Your ScreenModes list should've grown with some new UAEGFX: modes.

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Pictures not showing so this a mystery cd.
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I used winuae in 2001 and it was already kicking ass

(I also remember UAE on a Sun Sparc 3 black and white around 1996, playing Z-out from cracked .adf without sound at 5 fps..., at this time UAE meant "unusable amiga emulator" for a reason!)

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I used WinUAE in 2002 ..... agree with jotd
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I started using WinUAE in 1998 and got so enthralled that I started running a Polish site about this emulator.
Name of the site was quite perverse: "WinUAE - Amiga Power...PC"

An incomplete snapshot of WaybackMachine:
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Hopefuly the picture works this time

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4241.jpg
Views:	619
Size:	51.7 KB
ID:	75416   Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4242.jpg
Views:	607
Size:	88.3 KB
ID:	75417   Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4243.jpg
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Size:	74.3 KB
ID:	75418  
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Nice. Does anyone know if this CD exists on the EAB file server? I couldn't find it.

I remember using a DOS version of UAE in 1997/98. It could just about run Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge on my Pentium 200MHz.
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I have this CD too

Are we allowed to just upload things like this?
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Leon Besson
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I bought something similar back in the day whilst residing in the U.K. I think it was from HMV? Can’t be sure, as I travel a bit these days
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Originally Posted by OldAmigan View Post
I have this CD too
Me as well and a few others like it.
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Brian King (WinUAE author before Toni) had a Mitel email address? I worked there from 1999 never knew that.

I joined in October as he left in July 1999 wowsers
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I once bought Commodore Amiga emulator box cd - it was a German CD-Rom perhaps from 1999 - 2000.
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Is there ISO with this??
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FYI, a bit of early WinUAE "history" can be found in the very first 1998 snapshots of uae.de

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I remember when someone tried to show me UAE when it first came out. He was so proud because he could prove at long last how the superior PC could now run Amiga software. It was about another two years before he was actually able to do that (because UAE didn't work in the beginning), and by that time he had been through a couple of PC replacements and he was running a cutting edge PC costing ~$8000 and it was still glitchy as hell. It was fun for me to point out the years he had waited, the money he had spent and the best he could do was a lowend basic Amiga. And yes I had shown that the Amiga could run PC software :-)
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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Is there ISO with this??
If it's not on the FTP already I can do this tomorrow
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If it has kickstart roms and such, please don't put it on the FTP. Consider uploading to archive.org instead, who seem to have some kind of immunity against copyright holders.
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I've checked both of the following CDs and can't find any ROMs on them.

In fact "Amiga Emulator 98" states that you have to create your own ROM and explains how to do it.

Anyway in my upload folder I've added "Amiga emulator 98" and "Amiga Classix"
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2003-2008 I used to sell ex-corporate laptops and did a lot of testing with WinUAE seeing as I had all these laptops kicking about lol.

I found that you needed about 600-650mhz Pentium III for 50fps Amiga 500 emulation and about 900-1000mhz for Amiga 1200 emulation. I used to connect the IBM Thinkpad T23 to my TV via the S-video output to play games on emulators on my big CRT TV (it's the only way to do 8/16bit games justice).
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Originally Posted by davideo View Post
I've checked both of the following CDs and can't find any ROMs on them.

In fact "Amiga Emulator 98" states that you have to create your own ROM and explains how to do it.

Anyway in my upload folder I've added "Amiga emulator 98" and "Amiga Classix"

I found similar one on Archive.org, from 97, with Assassin PD collection and 2 kick.rom, both 1.3. It has to be there, or emulation would not work.
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