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Originally Posted by alkis21 View Post
Sure I could use emulation, but having an Amiga in my computer room made me a cool kid 25 years ago and I still strongly believe that it makes me a cool kid today. People still enter the room and go "WOW, is that an Amiga?".

yes indeed
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Originally Posted by manic23 View Post
interesting you say that People still enter the room and go "WOW, is that an Amiga?" I have totally the opposite, most of my friends and work makes think I'm in need of urgent medical attention still using an Amiga now, they just don't understand
The Amiga was huge in Greece, therefore most people of my generation either had one or were envious of the ones who did. They recognize quality when they see it, and they are even more impressed when they find out (after a brief demonstration) that all games are installed on the hard disk.
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Well I actually quit, got a serious girlfriend, threw away all my Amiga mags (what an idiot!), I essentially quit after the release of CM2, and stayed away for two years.

Then randomly I decide to actually bother with the internet, realised there was still stuff happening and there was an avenue for my talents that I wanted to still use.

As for doing stuff on Amiga, i'm just not impressed by anything the PC or PS3 does, sure they are technically better in every single sense you can imagine, but you're not surprised when you see something good on either machine because of the power they've got, in fact, you get MORE critical, "why is that 2ghz PC struggling to draw all that stuff in a frame? why is it jerky".

When the Amiga does something incredible, its still incredible because of the age of the machine and that its producing stuff it wasn't viewed was possible.

It was part of my youth, and it was a very cool time when I was younger to own an Amiga, and now that UAE4DROID is starting to get acceptable, my 6 year old son can play some Amiga classics on the tablet i've got, and he loves it, inspite of the fact he regularly plays stuff on the Wii or the PS3, he still appreciates a good game.

He thinks Brian the Lion is fantastic and can't keep away from it!
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What makes you an Amiga user?

I wouldn't call myself an Amiga user, more of an Amiga fan and gamer. I haven't used a real Amiga for a long time (still got my 500 though), but I'll never get bored of firing up the emulator and playing some old classics.

I also threw away all my Amiga mags in the mid 90s and have regretted it ever since. Idiot.
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While there's a nostalgia factor at times, for me it's still a pleasure to use as an actual computer. Yes modern pcs are thousands of times more powerful, but it's all about the right tool for the job. I have an overclocked core i7-2600k, with gf570gtx video card that I use for my media centre/gaming pc (connected to my main bigscreen lcd tv) and an xbox360 that I use for modern gaming and movies, a netbook that shares Windows and AROS that I use the majority of my internet use on, and general "modern" screwing around + some emulation, and 2 highly overclocked core2uo machines for AROS and Amithlon desktops machines.

Point being Im no stranger to more modern gear and I enjoy it in its context.

Now that said my a1200 (40mhz '040/32meg fast/32gig cf card/pcmcia nic) doesnt really feel like the "junior" computer. Within its context it performs as well as any of the other machines. Hand pixelled graphics, amiga coding, scene demos, some games, irc, ftp, even some 3d modelling and music.
While by modern standards a lot of amiga software is maybe a bit basic it's still very capable and can achieve good results. With things like Arexx it can also be deceptively powerful and flexible.

The "instant on" nature also ties in well with the lighter nature of the computing tasks I typically do on it as well, not to mention I like the low level nature of controlling the machine (both software and hardware). The OS itself can also be a pleasure to use with some interesting ideas and mechanics.

I dont use it for everything, but for a number of my computer interests its still a good option. Most of all though, and probably the one I come back to when I question myself why I still use it, ....... it's just good fun
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Off-topic posts moved to the Off-topic forum.
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Damn that Atari user


When I was a kid I always wanted the Atari ST, as I saw it in a shop window. At christmas there was this large box at my feet and my excitement grew, it was an ATARI I thought, but how wrong I was. I opened up the box and to my dissapointment it was an Amiga 500 yet through the months It was the best damn system I ever had. I remember having a large tv for the time and playing many games throughout the summer days. One such summer I played nearly non stop worth of Dragons Breath, which nearly killed me. I had such a huge collection both retail and pirate but it wasn't until one stupid moment that I dropped the Amiga and smashed all the keys. It was my dad's fault though as he told me to take the box, which was heavy as it was full of games and the system itself.

I chucked the Amiga away and many years down the line I also threw away every Amiga game apart from 20-30 boxes ones. I've regretted that decision for a very long time, but at the time I never expected the Amiga to have such a fan base as it does now.

Last year I purchased an Amiga 500, but in no way was it as clean as my Amiga 500 was. The Amiga 500 was put into storage just as a collection!

Fast forward to this year and seeing everyone overhauling the Amiga 1200 and the games that could be played meant I purchased an Amiga 1200. But then I needed the CF and ofcause the memory, but I couldn't play through my TV. So I purchased a scart/RGB lead, but I wanted more!

I've just purchased the PCMCIA kit/4GB CF to run Amstrad/Spectrum games

See my link here for more info
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There's just something elegant about what the Amiga did with the hardware it had.
Loved it then, and the more modern a machine I work on, the more I am amazed at the Amiga.

So its some nostalgia, but it's a lot of admiration.

Combine in, I still enjoy playing the games..
While I like some FPS games, I get bored with them easily.
I honestly still enjoy many of the games on the Amiga...
They are more fun to play for me than a lot (not all) of modern games.

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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
It's all about the games and demos for me. Kickstart 1.3 era.
Here it's just on the contrary. I haven't played games more than an hour or two in 3 years. ... At first I liked the hardware improvements you can make and later the software ones, like AmiKit for Real. That makes me happy

Edit: Well, I've been playing some Indiana Jones games for more time, but only them.
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For me, Amiga is all about nostalgia.

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Off-topic posts moved to the Off-topic forum.
That was pretty unnecessary.
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I still believe Amiga 500 has been the best machine of all time
Amiga 500 has been like a girlfriend which I spent my whole teens with
Everytime I open HOL website my eyes sparkle
Playing Amiga games is like an escapism

Is this enough or I need to go further?
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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
That was pretty unnecessary.
The OP's question was "What makes you an Amiga user?"

If the best answer you can come up with is "Nothing, I'm not one.", then you should leave well alone, IMO, lest it derail the thread, which is precisely what happened until those posts were moved.

Unnecessary perhaps, but justified nevertheless, I would say.

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sometimes you just got to do unnecessary things
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Long post as usual --> I put it here instead :P

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Originally Posted by The BuZZard View Post
I still believe Amiga 500 has been the best machine of all time
Amiga 500 has been like a girlfriend which I spent my whole teens with
Everytime I open HOL website my eyes sparkle
Playing Amiga games is like an escapism

Is this enough or I need to go further?
With 4 cracking statements like that you should carry on mate
I'm really going to have to think about my answer to this question. But I'm loving all the comments so far....
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what got me going again was the amiga emulator, but that was like diet soda i had to have the real thing

in the 90's i got an on sale amiga 600 new as commodore went bust, used to dabble in imagine and vista pro with great games like canon fodder and base jumpers

sold it for a 2000 then that went for a pc i really dont know why, a guy i new had a 1200 and i couldnt afford one

now older and wiser i have a 1200 and just purchased a aca1231 so with roms i may look at os 3.9

whenever i power up the amiga my teenage girls usually kick me off it to play croak base jumpers etc i get alot of joy seeing them get the same enjoyment i did back in the day, i still enjoy street rod, dune 2 and pinball

when i got the 1200 the kids were like where is the rest of it? they are amaised that a 20 year old computer is smaller than todays desktop it has what most games miss today game play and good ol button mashing fun
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ive always been an amiga user at heart just never had chance to get another one, although i am a big pc gamer, but im also a retro console collector aswell so i think the reason i got another amiga was for the ultimate retro hit. well when i get it working that is lol
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I'd say I was much more of a PC user than an Amiga user these days, definitely, but even after all of these years of using PC's, I have never got as far into it as I did during the period of time I was using an actual Amiga. For me, PC's are very characterless machines... yes, they do things that an Amiga couldn't possibly do, but for all of their power they just don't have the same amount of character for me. Also, back then, it wasn't like it is now... most people have a PC of some description or type in their home, whereas back then Amiga users tended to be very few-and-far between, existing in little 'pockets' here and there. It was quite a cliquey machine, when I think about it, and sometimes just by owning one you kinda felt like you were part of something... even if you weren't part of anything! But then, even if you weren't part of anything, with a little bit of drive, imagination and dedication it felt like nothing could stop you from being a part of something... anyone could get involved if they really wanted to! Whether it was having contacts for new releases, or getting a few mates together to bond over the latest games, or have a bash at creating a PD game/music disk/animation in your bedroom. Some started PD libraries... others got themselves up to a decent level in coding/artwork/music and ended up in the demoscene or elsewhere... but they hard to start SOMEWHERE, and I'd like to think the Amiga (as well as the C64) helped in unlocking the potential of a lot of people just by simply being what it was. The worlds first "punk rock" computer, perhaps?

Nowadays, the idea of one or two people sitting in a room developing a PC or a console product is really unthinkable. Look at the credits for any modern game and they seem to go on for longer than the game itself does!

Also, consider this: some games developers for the Amiga let their imaginations run riot in ways that just would not be possible in todays games market, I don't think. Could you imagine a Playstation 3 version of 'Mutant Camels'? How about 'Bomb'X 3D', eh!?
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the best bits for me is messing about with the os and upgrading as much as
Possible, seeing what the amiga can do..
This blows my mind what it can do now!!'
Back in the 80s/90s loved the machine but only used for games swos,jxj220,project x Ect
dint really know about os then!!!
Commodore made the biggest mistake ever could have Been
The Microsoft or Apple of today!!!!
Remember only amiga makes it possible!!!!!!!��

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Nostalgia, simple as that.

Too many years remembering the games and apps made me to buy an Amiga 1200 nowadays.

Getting one of this amazing machines near again make me feel the same emotions than before.

I felt in love since the releasing of the original Amiga 1000. That is never going to change.
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