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Question Double density availability?

I was just wondering how easy it was for you guys to buy/steal/obtain double density disks to transfer ADFs on to. I know where I live that many shops don't sell DDs anymore, only HD 1.44 Mb disks. One person that I asked at a computer shop told me they stopped selling DDs over two years ago. It's lucky that I have a few lying around at home, or else I would have nothing to transfer on to!:eek

Do you suffer a similar shortage? How do you get around it? What's the best place to get DDs?

BTW, you can't format a 1.44mb disk into a 720kb disk and try to 'fool' your Amiga, can you? I think I tried this once, and Windows wouldn't let me format, as it detected that it was the wrong disk.:laugh
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Half the HD disks I tried with that trick corrupted the data written to them.
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You'll find that drilling/cutting a hole into the DD disks to convert them into HD disks will cause ridiculous amounts of errors, but the reverse process you're talking about *should* theoretically give you a super HQ DD disk. Now that's what I'm talking about

The last company I worked for had a 'MISYS' server, which was basically a 68020 terminal based thing. We used to get sent up to 30 update disks a week. These were all HQ DD disks, so I took them home and ADF2DISK'd a few ADF's onto them. They worked really well. Maybe you could see if any friends or local businesses use a similar system. Sounds wacky, I know, but free DD disks always work better. It's the gratis thing
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I actually found HD disks to be of much shittier quality than its DD counterparts. I personally use the "tape the hole" trick, it works well (and with certain brands of disks, you can be sure the data wont get corrupted), but recently I got a hold of about 200 DD disks that I can use as blanks... Buy them at shops? No way, they stopepd selling them for about 4 years now...

You could look at eBay, but there is a shortage. BNest bet is that you should use HD disks with thehole covered.
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HD disks aren´t shit in any way, it´s just because they use a higher magnetic field to store the data on the disk and some Amiga´s got problems to create this kind of field .... especially HD floppy from Sony and other brands are affected, just use NoName HD disks and cover the hole, you will have a success quote of 99%
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I had more HD disks than DD ones when I had my 500+. They didn't cause more problems than the DD ones. I still have many HD disks with my current amiga.
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This situation does suck in many ways. I have to consider myself lucky in that when I left the my last job I was able to get a hold of about 300 or so MAC disks. Turns out they were both DD and HD disks in the boxes so I sorted them out and reformatted them. Since they had been sitting around for a while I did lose some of them due to age, but hey they were free
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