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Hardfile not recognised in WinUAE 4.2.1

Hi All
I am new to emulation and haven't used my real amiga for years so I bought WinUAE just to relive old times. I am using the latest version 4.2.1(2019.05.16) 64 bit
I am following youtube [ Show youtube player ] which seems very good but I am struggling at @27:00 creating a hardfile. I follow the instructions and have created a hardfile as described but when I start the program the hdtoolbox says no drives present. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
A second issue I have is that sometime the configuration will just reset itself and I have to repeat everything again. I have set to run WinUAE as admin.

Can anyone shed any light on whats happening and why or am I just being thick ;-)
Thank you
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Sounds like you haven't told HDToolBox to use the correct SCSI device. I don't know what that is in WinUAE, but it is changed in the HDToolBox ToolTypes.
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Soppytwist has posted this - [ Show youtube player ] and I followed it so its working now thank you. Its amazing how much you forget and how much learning I have to catch up on. Thanks for replying anyway
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Originally Posted by davethemackem View Post
It's amazing how much you forget and how much learning I have to catch up on. Thanks for replying anyway
Actually, literally, your mind is remaking the pathways again to the information that is already stored. When I "came back" though I didn't leave the Amiga, I could feel inside as it was happening. I've done that all this life. The mind records everything..and it depends on your focus also how much detail is stored. So, if you're a lazy thinker+not very intuition aware the details will be not be great.

When I powered on my A4000 after many years, I knew the experiences where still there..but they weren't coming immediately. After about a week of lightly doing stuff, it was "coming back"... Now, after about a year..much is reconnected. I didn't relearn anything. It was all there all along. The mind is a very powerful tool, and will change priorities when you want it to.

Welcome back to the fantastic OS and fun. Wooohooo! Hehehe.
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