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long pause in the mystic-vital demo

Used config: Quickstart A1200 (basic non-expanded), WinUAE 3600b10

Mystic-Vital.dms --> no long pause in the demo if the "Wait for Blitter" in Chipset is disabled!

If the "Wait for Blitter" in Chipset is enabled, there will be after "Mystic rotation" green part an long (ca 20 sec) pause!

I guess it probably happens because the "Wait for Blitter" when enabled somehow confuse the demo code at mentioned point.

The "Wait for Blitter" is enabled by default in quickstart A1200 configurations...
wonder how many cases there exist that needs this option to be enabled, as obviously it can also be problematic?

EDIT: Found one example where it's still needed --> http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=1149944&postcount=4
Not sure is there exist any other example?

EDIT2: The demo --> http://www.pouet.net/prod.php/www.io...3096&what=prod

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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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It is caused by very stupid code. For some reason coder wanted to zero all blitter registers (which is useless) but also zeroes ECS+ BLTSIZH which starts the blitter and zero means largest possible..

ECS largest possible is very large (32768*2048) with no channels enabled (2 idle cycles/cycle) = blit that does absolutely nothing but takes at least 32768*2048*2 color clocks to finish. It takes very long time to finish..

It works without wait for blitter because soon after code writes zero to normal BLTSIZE with restart OCS max size blit (64*1024) which only takes few frames to finish.

As I have said many times, if there is possibility to do weird and/or stupid things, someone has already done

I can add workaround that detects impossible blits (larger than size of Chip RAM!) and cancel wait for blitter in these situations. (EDIT: done)

000B0026 082e 0006 0002           BTST.B #$0006,(A6, $0002) == $00dff002
000B002C 66f8                     BNE.B #$f8 == $000b0026 (F)
000B002E 2d7c 0000 0000 0040      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $0040) == $00dff040
000B0036 2d7c 0000 0000 0044      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $0044) == $00dff044
000B003E 2d7c 0000 0000 0048      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $0048) == $00dff048
000B0046 2d7c 0000 0000 004c      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $004c) == $00dff04c
000B004E 2d7c 0000 0000 0050      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $0050) == $00dff050
000B0056 2d7c 0000 0000 0054      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $0054) == $00dff054
000B005E 3d7c 0000 005a           MOVE.W #$0000,(A6, $005a) == $00dff05a
000B0064 2d7c 0000 0000 005c      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $005c) == $00dff05c
000B006C 2d7c 0000 0000 0060      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $0060) == $00dff060
000B0074 2d7c 0000 0000 0064      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $0064) == $00dff064
000B007C 2d7c 0000 0000 0068      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $0068) == $00dff068
000B0084 2d7c 0000 0000 006c      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $006c) == $00dff06c
000B008C 2d7c 0000 0000 0070      MOVE.L #$00000000,(A6, $0070) == $00dff070
000B0094 3d7c 0000 0074           MOVE.W #$0000,(A6, $0074) == $00dff074
000B009A 3d7c 0000 0058           MOVE.W #$0000,(A6, $0058) == $00dff058
000B00A0 70ff                     MOVE.L #$ff,D0
000B00A2 082e 0006 0002           BTST.B #$0006,(A6, $0002) == $00dff002
000B00A8 66f8                     BNE.B #$f8 == $000b00a2

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Amiga 500 User
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: EU
Posts: 1,145
Just tested in development version and now it works fine with "Wait for blitter" enabled! (thx)
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