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Originally Posted by Turran View Post
We can schedule a test when you find it slow. I can then let you log in yourself and see if its better.

If it is faster when you are alone, its probably a hardware issue on my end as we are still no where near max bandwidth.
I'd be interested..

I connected ftp via Terminal, logging in credentials "ftp" and "any" (without quotes). and preceded to download.... same speed... 157k, so i don't think its a restriction of Anonymous vs issue.

This done, just now

Unable to login with credentials via browser as i think it just falls back to default even with correct ftp:any syntax. Either way,, running Terminal session prompted username/password in this case.

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I've done testing myself here and not found any problems so, either way, there is not much more I can do.

Since my last fix, this is basically what I am looking at all the time now, speed wise.

| ftp | 6714 | 02:02:54 | Dn: AMINET51.part02.r at 480.1K/sec |
| ftp | 8269 | 04:56:54 | Dn: AMINET51.part03.r at 491.9K/sec |
| ftp | 21842 | 25:37 | Dn: CDPD IV (1994)(Al at 500.0K/sec |
| ftp | 21843 | 25:37 | Dn: Card Games (PD So at 500.0K/sec |
| ftp | 28502 | 06:01 | Dn: /Commodore_Amiga/ at 500.0K/sec |
| ftp | 29823 | 05:52 | Dn: /Commodore_Amiga/ at 493.7K/sec |
| ftp | 16956 | 03:02 | Idle: 00:50 |
| ftp | 22461 | 02:14 | "LIST" |
| ftp | 31589 | 05:38 | Dn: /Commodore_Amiga/ at 500.2K/sec |
Basically, every anonymous FTP user gets their 500K/sec (this was not the case before my last fix). I tried from 4 different ISPs here in Sweden and I get 2-300 megabit (and up) download speeds without any problems. There are no slow downs depending on the number of people online anymore and at most there was ~20 anonymous users online, all getting their 500K/sec worth, at the same time.

So not much I can do for you that have problems I'm afraid. I'd suggest stop using "terminals" (whatever that means) and web browsers to download from FTP. Get a real FTP client like Filezilla or FlashFXP (my favorite) and verify speeds to ftp.sunet.se, logging in with "anonymous" and any password.

If you want to test speeds on the same link using a webbrowser, try this link:
See if that makes a difference. If there is a difference between that file and the FTP, its either your client or my FTP server. If its just as slow from that link, its not on my end as its hosted on different servers using the same internet link.

If you have to use a browser and use your own login, the format is ftp://username:password@grandis.nu but not all browsers allow that anymore. Works in Firefox and Edge. Internet Explorer stopped supporting that format a while back.

I do have one more thing that I am currently doing and will present in a few days hopefully.

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I'm very happy with the FTP performance, always been, so I wouldn't worry too much Turran.

Thanks for having this great service for us all!
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