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A1200 Help

Hello Fellow Amigans,
I was a hardcore Amiga user from 1988-2004. I recently had a flash of nostalgia and picked up my Amiga 1200 with harddrive from my mother's place. It hadn't been turned on for 4 or 5 years so I was worried about whether it would work. Miraculously on first bootup it worked fine. However, the problems then began:

1) when I rebooted I got a message to "insert volume Work: in any drive", if I keep hitting cancel it will go to the Workbench screen but I can't access the Work: partition at all. The only thing I can remember doing the first time I was booted up was clicking on ToolsDaemon in the WBStartup drawer, but besides that all I was doing was using DirectoryOpus before I rebooted. Any ideas how to fix this?

2) I wanted to show my girlfriend the amazing intro music and graphics of Agony, but when I put the floppy in the drive it made really loud, abnormal noises, something was definitely wrong, it wasn't reading it, I then turned the computer off and blew into the floppy port to try to get any dust out and tried again and again, I could manage to get a few disks to partly load and on Workbench it acknowledges a disk is in the floppy drive but that's it, is the floppy shot for good do you think?

3) Along with this I have an external floppy drive which I attached and then held the two mouse buttons down and selected boot from df1: and it starts to load for a minute on df1: but then goes back to booting the harddrive and brings up the Work: message again, is there anyway to get things to reliably boot from df1: so that if the internal floppy is dead I'll have an alternative?

I would really appreciate any help with any of these problems, I miss the Amiga a lot and would love to start using it again, thank you so much!

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It sounds lik the HD is pretty well dead. if it hasn't been used for a long time it may have developed errors on it and also maybe the drive bearings are a little tight preventing full speed spin up, leading to errors like unable to find Work: etc.

Depending on the KS version you have, you should be able to disable the HD at the early startup screen to allow you to boot up from floppy without it trying to boot all the time.

If the floppy drives haven't been used for a while the best thing to do is to open them up and get a Q tip with isopropl Alcohol and clean the heads to see if that helps. Floppies will also degenerate so it could be also that the data on the disks is bad.

I would start off by removing the HD completely and work on the floppies first. once you can get the floppy drives up and running then you can try with the HD. You can also get a IDE 2.5" USB adaptor so you can connect the HD to your PC and try to get it recognised by Winuae to try to get back your data etc.

edit... also, some external floppies can be removed from their casings and used internally as DF0: depending on brand etc.

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I would try to get a backup of the HDD by plugging it into a PC (Windows or Linux) with an adaptor (I've also seen an IBM computer with a really small case that uses 2.5" drive connectors so if you happen to own one of those you could use it), or a laptop with a Linux live CD and a memory stick, and taking a dd dump of the partition. Ask if you want further info on how to do this.
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Try to clean and grease the mechanism the that head motor uses to pull the heads back and worth. The grease tends to become petrified after several years. I used to work with a system that used eleven 1200s and that was a fairly common problem after about five years.
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Thanks for the replies guys, the part that is really bugging me is the fact that work: was fine the first time it loaded last night. Fifty reboots later today and it's never worked again. Was it just a bad tease?

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Originally Posted by krsone View Post
Thanks for the replies guys, the part that is really bugging me is the fact that work: was fine the first time it loaded last night. Fifty reboots later today and it's never worked again. Was it just a bad tease?


Just a (probably daft) thought. If you actually turn the power off, then back on and reboot do you still get the Work: requester, or is it only on resetting the 1200?

Its not looking for volume or drawer called "work:" that has been removed at some point, but an assign command is still calling for it? If that were the case you could as a short term fix open a cli and type in:

assign work: ram:

But sadly it probably your hard drive.
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