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Smile Hi! and how the heck do you save files? : )

Hi everyone! firstly, it is so great to find this forum and such an active community!

I spent the weekend setting up my emulator (WinUAE and Amiga Forever) with the goal of learning BASIC programming (and playing a few games!).

I seem to be up and running well enough with Workbench 1.3.5 but for the life of me cannot work out how to SAVE anything! I have created blank floppy disks, shared folder, blank hard drive that points to a directory, but no matter what I do Notepad wants to save back to the Workbench disk (read only) and Save As doesn't give me the option to navigate through any directories. Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong?!

I am sure I will want to save BASIC code, so I gotta get over this hurdle.

Thanks everyone and look forward to going on this nostalgic journey with you all!
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Notepad (and OS 1.x in general) predates the standardisation of the file requesters within the OS. I can't remember myself what the file requester is like in Notepad, but the 2.x and above ones have a "Volumes" button that needs to be clicked to list the volumes available, and only then can you navigate into them. You might also be able to type the full path directly and get it to save that way...
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My memory may not be correct but I believe the 1.x Notepad Save option expects you to type a path, so if you wanted to save your document as "MyFile" to your DF0: floppy drive, you would need to type in
If you want to save "MyFile" to DF1: (typically your first external disk drive) it would be
If you have created a folder called "Docs" on a disk you have called Work: and want to save your document as "Another.doc" you can type in
Hope that helps

Also remember with WB 1.x you have to duplicate the 'Empty' folder on your WB disk to create a new folder, drag it to where you want it and then rename it. A right faff!

WB 2.x+ is so much better in this regard (but lacks an editor like Notepad built in, if you're excluding Memacs and Ed)
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Thank you!

It worked! Thank you SO much guys, you saved me a bunch of frustration. I totally forgot that is how we had to save files!
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