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A4000T Questions

Finally taken out the A4000T out of it's case to do replace the battery, get a Indivision in place, and do a AT to ATX conversion with the kit I got from Amigakit.

My version is rev 4, and looks to be a C= one
if that matters to the questions below.

I have a few questions regarding this.

The battery that was there was soldered on was now empty, so I need to replace it.

Searching around I stumbled on old post that something like this is the best way to go.

I can see there is a 4 pin connector on the MB, where one of the pins is missing, that would physicaly fit this.

Question is if this will work without risking explosions and other failures. And is there some place in Europe you can buy similar battery, as getting it shipped from Israel would take a long time.

Found something similar on Reichelt, but that is a 3.6V, while the other is 3.7.

The battery I removed was 3V (BR2335).

Would I need a diode. Some claim BR2335 is rechargeable, others not.

Could I use a CR2032, as I do have battery holders for this type already.

It does only have one pin for plus, while most Miggys I have seen, have 2 for plus.

Would they still fit, and does it matter which plus I solder on.

I've seen this guide, but that is for Miggys with rechargeable batteries.

On the old AT power supply there is a green earth cable connecting the power supply to the case. Would this be necessary with the new ATX supply?

It is after all attached to the case, unless there is something inside the power supply that needs earthing.

That's it for now. So far I've only cleaned the case up a bit, as there was a bit of dust that has been piling up over the years.
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