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Ortho Robot

From the description of the original game:
Literally bridging the gap between 2D and 3D games, Ortho Robot is a perspective based puzzle game, where you flatten the view to move across gaps. Your objective is to reach the ending green block (either by standing directly on it or standing on it in relative space).
If you played Fez or Crush (the PSP/3DS game), then you will know what it's about. The the gameplay logic was ported from Lua to C for Amiga version, and it's mostly functional (there are still a few lurking array indexing bugs). The target is getting it running on unexpanded A1200 machines. Here's a short demonstration of the work in progress Amiga conversion:
[ Show youtube player ]

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Very nice !!
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Yes, it looks interesting...
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Keep us informed!
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Going to provide him some fez-ish soundtracks
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The gameplay is functional, and I more or less settled on how to draw the cubes. Unfortunately there's only so much you can do with the OS functions, but it should be more than playable on an A1200 with a few megs of fast RAM. The background is only a placeholder, I have a friend who will do something abstract like in the original game, and I'll add scrolling to make it more lively (it's a dual playfield game). I still haven't decided on whether I want to copy the menus from the original game, or do something simpler. I'll probably release something before I tackle the menus.
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Since I've hit a barrier, I decided to release what I have now. It's a gameplay demo so there are no menus or any bells and whistles, but you should be able to complete all the levels. You can also freely select between them with the comma (,) and period (.) keys. The game should run on any AGA machine (it uses AGA dual playfields), the faster the better.

What did I mean by barrier? I'm using the graphics.library Area filling functions to draw the polygons. This works reasonably well for levels up to about a dozen cubes, but later ones with a lot of cubes slow down to a crawl
If you or somebody you know can help me out with the low-level drawing functions, hit me up!
I could also switch to chunky and add texture mapping, which could be done easily on the sides of the cubes, but I'm afraid that would also be too slow in the CD32 without Fast RAM.

gameplay prototype:

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