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Originally Posted by S0ulA55a551n View Post
Followed first part of tut and get errors about Vlink when try and compile
Maybe somebody can help you when you are more specific about these errors.

Note that this workshop was not written with the recent vbcc version in mind. I guess it was v0.9e. This may be especially important as Kai uses the "kick13" config file, which still exists in v0.9f, but now it is a separate target: m68k-kick13. This target requires the original Commodore 1.3 header files and its amiga.lib supports 1.3 library functions only.
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Hi Guys,

This is the error I get. So not in touch with C or Amiga compilers dont know where to start.

Fatal error 8: Cannot open "vlibos3:startup13.o": No such file or directory.
vlink failed returncode 20
vlink -bamigahunk -x -Bstatic -Cvbcc -nostdlib vlibos3:startup13.o "T:t_4_0.o" -lamiga -s -Lvlibos3: -lvc -o test failed

those lines seem to come form the kick13 file ????? and I guess it means it can't find some files it needs ?
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Does anyone that has followed this tutorial find the result to be a bit flickery?

I had some code written a long time ago that basically drew a rectangle aong the bottom of an intuition window (as per breakout) and you moved it left / right with the cursor keys but it was always flickery. You could visibly see the left / right edges being redrawn as you moved. i had previously put it down to me not knowing what I was really doing.

So since this code has a lot of work around timers and refreshing the window only when needed etc., I modified it to draw my 'bat' instead of the rotating square and the result is identical to what I previously had.

I'm aware that line drawing is probably not the best way to go and I should probably use sprites but I'm surprised moving a simple rectangle can't be made smooth??
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Look up double buffering.

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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
Look up double buffering.
The tutorial already uses double buffering. Well it says it does anyway. It writes to a second buffer which is swapped in when drawing is complete. Obviously I don't know if it's correct or not. Have you looked at the code in the document?

My original code also used double buffering but it wouldn't surprise me at all if I was doing that wrong
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If you post your code we could have a look if there's something wrong with it.
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