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thanks for those scans and great to see the bren(da) sprite in detail before mutating into bren. should have let this one default imho.

check out the cursor at bottom left side -- seems to be a photo taken from the level editor!

anyways, would be awesome to play this version even if it only is a demo.

p.s.: as a kid, the diverse amiga sprite on the flipside of the turri box always used to draw my interest.

same goes for shadow of the beast. i remember a preview in a french magazine as well, presenting early shots of the game. there existed an alternative (more fiercely) intro screen to it
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Sgt Jack V
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It's interesting that they planned a whole rotating animation for the Surround Shot from the start, and I'm glad to see it managed to make it into Turrican 2.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and ACAR's review of Turrican 2 had these strange prototype screenshots that look so early, I'm sure they're mockups:

And Amiga Format had something a bit later, but still not final (the top of that sprite was obviously used for the HUD in the final game):

EDIT: Oh, and one final note: A while ago I translated an interview with Holger Schmidt about Turrican 3 from Amiga Joker: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1...it?usp=sharing

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that definitely looks like the one I had in mind in those screenshots
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Those scans are great. It's always fascinating to see in development shots that differ from the release build, or even graphical differences between the same game on different platforms. Leander is a great example, the Amiga and Atari ST main character sprite are really different.
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