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Wings of Fury Cheat COLIN WAS HERE

Hi there,

I would like some very precise instructions on how to activate the COLIN WAS HERE cheat for Wings of Fury.

Searching online produces a number of variations on what the command actually is. Some people say it's COLINWASHERE, others say COLIN WAS HERE and still others say COLINWASHERE! Also there are slightly different explanations as to when the phrase should be typed.

I would be very grateful if someone who has the code working could tell me:
* Precisely what the phrase is? Are there spaces, is there an explanation mark (!), do I end by pressing RET? By the way: if an explanation mark is required - then I'm out of luck, as the UAE4Droid keyboard doesn't seem to include one.
* Precisely when do I type the phrase?
* Precisely when do I press the other keys C, D, F, M and P - to activate specific cheats?

I should also mention that my copy of Wings of Fury includes an automatic "Adept Presents" cheat menu, which appears before the game is loaded. Could this be overriding or interfering with the COLIN WAS HERE cheat?

I look forward to your replies.


Matt P
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I did a very quick test, and on both SPS 599 and the WHDLoad version, start the game so the battleship appears where you pick your weapon, then just type "COLIN" and as soon as you've done that, keys like 'P' will work and start to increase the number of lives. I assume the whole cheat works by then.

In memory, the string itself is shown as "COLIN WAS HERE!" with spaces in between the words (and an exclamation mark at the end), but it doesn't appear that you even have to type anything more than "COLIN" to get it to activate.
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Hi Codetapper,

Thanks for your reply.

I just tried it again - typing COLIN when the battleship appears and before picking a weapon. I tried this with and without pressing RET after typing COLIN. After that, pressing C, D, F, M and P does not activate any cheats.

Do you think that it's a problem with UAE4Droid? Has anybody reading this got the code to work on UAE4Droid?


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Just discovered crucial information at:


"This cheat (COLIN WAS HERE!) doesn't work if you play Wings Of Fury on an Amiga equipped with Kickstart version 2 or higher (but if you use the Kickstart v1.3 emulator it works fine).

Guess what? I had been using Kickstart 3.1.

I switched to Kickstart 1.3 and got these results:
* Wings of Fury.ADF will not work with Kickstart 1.3 and therefore COLIN WAS HERE! cannot be applied.
* Wings_of_Fury_(1990)(Broderbund).ADF will work with Kickstart 1.3 and therefore COLIN WAS HERE! works.

Problem solved!
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2 contact me: email only!

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That information has been in the HOL cheat entry for Wings of Fury for a long time!
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Old 09 April 2014, 01:29   #6
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Thanks for the link Codetapper. One final mystery...

At your link and elsewhere - it is recorded that pressing R "adjusts your weapons".

I wonder if someone can explain that to me, as pressing R doesn't seem to do anything (or I'm ignorant of what it does).


Matt P
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I think enemy can damage your weapon like in old 8-bit game Blue Max, R should repair it.
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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
That information has been in the HOL cheat entry for Wings of Fury for a long time!
You can use new whdload's patch (beta attached)

to active trainer via custom1

for infomation: some other key are ativated by trainer and can changer physic of game:
- Custom1=1 used to actived cheat mode at start
In Game Cheat keys:
P: Add plane | M: Add weapons
C: Change weapon | D: add Oil/Damage
F: Add Fuel | Q: Quit game
Spc: Memory info | Help: Isle info
I: restore weapons
Change physic keys:
2-4: -/+ wind?? | 6-8: -/+ gravity
(bomb can flight!)
Attached Files
File Type: lha WingsOffuryBeta3.lha (35.1 KB, 12 views)

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