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Help My Cat! Direct download links.

Not sure which category is right one, but now that Indiego supports direct download links, heres ones for my Help My Cat! - game:






Link to original Release topic in amigaworld.net: http://amigaworld.net/modules/newbb/...732&forum=9&14

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I originally thought it be Spamming to put this message here instead of just a link to original topic, but how silly of me to think that way when this is actually useful info:

--- original message from amigaworld.net ---

More than 20 years ago, i had this idea for a game, but technology of that time didnt allow me to realise it, now, over 20 years later, technology have catched up with my dream... well, not really.

Over 20 years ago I had my first realistically achievable game plan that i was planning to make with Easy Amos. However, it became part of the endless pile of unfinished programs that so many programmers are familiar with - until today!

Today finally, the childhood dream of a game have become reality. And what is great is that I happened to make most of the graphics already back then, as well as the plan was both complete and good enough, that I was able to follow it with only small amount of changes.

I would say this is about 80 percent like it had been, had i been able to make it already back then. Although naturally Hollywood-language, which i used to finally make this, hadnt been around then yet.

Musics used in game already existed at time I made the plan, and I am quite convinced I had used exactly the one, if not both of them then too.

This should have quite authentic feel to what early 90s teenager (or younger) could have got out back then.

I hereby present you:

Help My Cat!

Short gameplay video: [ Show youtube player ]

A small Platform Puzzle Adventure game, where you aim at getting a cat down from a tree by using stuff lying around (bit like point'n'click adventure in platform way). It takes maybe 30 minutes to complete, and less than 2 minutes if you know the solutions to puzzles.

You may download it from Indiego! appstore: http://www.indiego-gaming.com/marketplace for free under the "Games/Adventure"-category, available for AOS3, AOS4, AROS, MorphOS, PC, MAC, LINUX.

I chose to use Indiego! appstore, since basically I wanted to have a webpage dedicated to this game, but i wasnt willing to use the time to make it, at least not yet, and I didnt want a simple link to dropbox either.

Indiego! gave me good middle solution by providing a little page for the game, plus an easy way to publish the several different versions of the game. Without Indiego!, I dont think I would have got this published yet. The knowledge that there was such a suitable solution to my publishing problem existing actually gave me the last push to do the last missing things for the game and get it finally ready for release. Hence, I like to give special thanks to Indiego appstore as well, although i didnt credit them in game.

Also thanks to Hypex and Barana for giving me feedback in final testing phase.
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Didnt come to my mind to mention that since this is made with Hollywood, AOS3 version reguires GFX card to work, and it might be bit power hungry otherwise too, despite it being quite simple and light. I havent tested it with classic, so I have no idea about power reguirement, but could well be 030 or something.
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Just want to thank you for the game.

I played the 68k version some days ago in WinUAE (AmiKit). The game crashed a few times with a error message "can't allocate sound channels". Figured out it happens if you play too fast and not wait for the samples to play. Like if you throw the stone on the moon before the sample is played the game crash.

Ps. I have uploaded a playthrough video on YouTube
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Warning to those planning to play with classic machines. Didnt think it until PhoenixKonsole pointed out that Oggvorbis makes it very heavy for classics. I hope to check in couple of days if I can still easily enough change AOS3 version to use mods and wavs instead to give classics a fair chance of it to work for any playable speed.

For those wanting to see Hipoonios video: [ Show youtube player ]

warning however, if you plan to play this game, then there is no point in doing so after having seen the video, as whole point is in figuring out the puzzles to which solutions are shown in this video.

Although, there are actually two animations still left that Hippoonios didnt show in this video that you can get by staying longer on that roof place.

Thanks Hipoonios. That crashing for sounds depends upon machine a lot. I have noticed Amikit is for some reason much more prone to this problem, while PCs are quite hard to get to crash for that reason. It would be easy to solve the problem had i been programming that game properly, but now I think I probably manually put it to play those sounds in each place instead of using some sort of "playsound" function which would handle that not too many sounds would be playing at once, for it is basically too many sounds playing at once that crashes it.

There are couple other crash problems too which are solely based upon bad programming (this was actually the first thing I ever started to do with Hollywood after having tested it out a bit, hence the code is quite terrible and I am doing lot of stupid things there) but they are rare enough that I left them there as fixing them had been too difficult compared to gain. It is a short game after all, so if it crashes, its not much work to get back to where you were.
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