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RetinaBLT Z3 no rtg screen modes visible in the list


I am currently running out of ideas...

I just can't get any screen modes to show up to be selectable with my "new" Retina BLT Z3 gfx card in my A4000/040.

Everything works fine when I boot the disk with the same "hardware" in WinUAE.

I have installed Picasso96 v 2.2a with both uaegfx and RetinaBLT drivers:

Workbench:> list LIBS:Picasso96
emulation.library                39652 ----rwed 06-Nov-10 19:32:19
fastlayers.library                1460 ----rwed 06-Nov-10 19:32:19
NCR77C32BLT.chip                  7804 ----rwed 31-Aug-99 18:19:24
RetinaBLT.card                    4128 ----rwed 17-Aug-99 11:12:36
rtg.library                     219192 ----rwed 27-Jun-07 11:56:44
uaegfx.card                       1704 ----rwed 06-Nov-10 19:32:19

Workbench:> list DEVS:Monitors
uaegfx                            2720 ----rwed 06-Nov-10 19:32:19
uaegfx.info                        526 ----rwed Thursday  23:41:21
RetinaBLT                         2720 ----rwed 27-May-99 20:10:02
RetinaBLT.info                     529 ----rwed Thursday  23:41:19
CheckBoards reports:
Looking through all boards installed for Picasso96
Board 0:      RetinaBLT
Chip:         NCR 77C32BLT
DAC:          ICS 5300
RegisterBase: 0x40000000
MemoryBase:   0x40c00000
MemorySize:      4180736
BitsPerCannon:         6

This board supports:
        following rgb formats:
        hardware sprite,
        software sprite buffer,
        planar and chunky memory simultaneous,
        hardware vblank interrupt can be caused,
User selectable flags:
        overclocking disabled,
        memory clock set to 55.0 MHz,
        big sprite not used,
        soft sprite in mode depth 24, 
        system borderblank used,
        board is part of the display chain,

Bringing board 0 to front for about 2 seconds...
ShowConfig reports:
PROCESSOR:      CPU 68040/68040fpu/68040mmu
CUSTOM CHIPS:   AA PAL Alice (id=$0023), AA Lisa (id=$00F8)
VERS:   Kickstart version 45.57, Exec version 45.20, Disk version 45.3
RAM:    Node type $A, Attributes $505 (FAST), at $7000000-$7FFFFFF (16.0 meg)
        Node type $A, Attributes $605 (FAST), at $200000-$9FFFFF (8.0 meg)
        Node type $A, Attributes $703 (CHIP), at $4000-$1FFFFF (~2.0 meg)
 Board (Macro System):   Prod=18260/16($4754/$10)
     (@$40000000, size 16meg, subsize same)
 CBM A2065 Ethernet card:   Prod=514/112($202/$70) (@$E90000 64K)
 Board + ROM (HD?) (Great Valley Products):   Prod=2017/11($7E1/$B) (@$EA0000 64K)
 RAM (Great Valley Products):   Prod=2017/10($7E1/$A) (@$200000 8meg Mem)
But I do not get any rtg screen mode in any screen mode selector on the A4000 but it works in WinUAE.

Thanks for any help...
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You perhaps need to make somemodes first before you will see any selectable.

uae cheats abit by implanting modes into the system. On a real amiga you have to do the work
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Hehe, pardon my ignorance.

then I need to figure out how Picasso96Mode work! Can't figure out how to add modes...

Is there any documentation? I think the one included with Picasso96 is quite limited...
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It's a drag and drop gui. There are icons on the left that you can drag into the lists, and you can also drag the list elements into the icons with your mouse.

In a word, it's a crock of shit that doesn't respect any style guides. Anyway, it's very easy to use once you learn how. (someone said the same about Lotus Notes)

Oh yeah and don't forget to bind the config to a board, that's in the pull down menus somewhere.
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Professional slacker!
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You can cheat and get some default modes.

Re-run the picasso96 installer and choose only the change screenmode options.

Depending on your monitor choose a frequency (my modern LCD screens all work with the modes ascociated with 31khz)

Once thats finished in Picasso96Mode you should have some default setups 640x480/800x600, etc. These should be 31/59 for Horizontal/Vertical and will probably work out of the box. Right click and 'attach board' then try a test on them and see how you get on.

For 1024x768 and above you'll probably need to make adjustments for these to work.

Once you know a mode works like 800x600 24bit, save your Picasso96 settings and reboot (it asks you to reboot anyway) and then you should have these screen modes available in workbench prefs/screen modes.

Have fun and enjoy RTG

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Great thanks guys!

Loading an included Picasso96Settings.XX file and assigning the board did the trick... Still need to find optimal resolutions for my lcd but 1152x900x8 is enought for now.

Loading up Asm-One on the real thing in near modern resolution is a totally new experience, to bad I could not do it back in the days
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