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I wanna thank those who brought up Extase. I've never heard of the game before but playing it really is an awesome experience. My first game was pretty much not having a clue what I was doing, the second I grasped the basic concept and was hooked by the third. The evolving soundtrack really adds the the peculiarly downbeat atmosphere too.
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Pango - weird music (silly vocals), graphics (see screenshot), gameplay

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Originally Posted by rsn8887
Weird? Here's Extase
Extremely great sound and playability.

Extase was a rip off of a sub game in Purple Saturn Day.... a french game!
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They're weird...

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Old 22 November 2006, 00:01   #65
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Originally Posted by s2325
Pango - weird music (silly vocals), graphics (see screenshot), gameplay
Thanks for reminding that one... still hoping for a WHDLoad install to play it on me real Amy
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Old 22 November 2006, 06:56   #66
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I'd hardly call Extase a rip off of purple saturn day, since AFAIK it is made by the same people as purple saturn day. Thus Extase, just like Purple Saturn Day is French too. So is more like a part two of that sub game. Kult, Captain Blood, Purple Saturn Day, Extase... they made some weird games - as expected from the French
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Old 22 February 2007, 11:27   #67
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Amstrad version of classic game Joust. Flying carrots instead of knights on birds as enemies.
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Old 28 February 2007, 00:57   #68
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nebulus was a very "weird" twist on your average platform game - very "original" if a platform game can be.
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Old 28 February 2007, 14:34   #69
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The Spy vs Spy games were weird, but fun. Just like Wizkid and North and South.

You COULD also call Push Over weird. After all, it's a domino game where the main character is an ANT.

Some of the Sim games were weird, like Sim Ant and Sim Life.

Oh, and weird is a neutral word, so having a weird game doesn't make it good nor bad. It's not necessarily used as a description of quality.
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Old 28 February 2007, 15:07   #70
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Talking about a extremely weird game "The Sun". i have this game on a CU Amiga Cover disk, "The Sun" weird Planetary symbols gives the game a Weird enjoyable game play have a go i found a backup in amniet. http://aminet.net/game/think/the_sun.lha

the other spooky weird game goes to Wicked in a strange and colour full game play (shoot `em up) i had the original for the C64, i came across the amiga version on a cover disk. Still Today Wicked looks and feels Weird. http://hol.abime.net/1708
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Window Wizard was one of the weird games I played. You had to wash windows while taking care to avoid falling flower pots, falling people, falling safe's and prevent the mad-man from cutting your ropes.
When you finished the level you where launched into space where you had to collect or avoid certain items (like a kind of astroid rain with weird stuff).

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Gets there in the end...

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Well, Wierd Dreams and Wizkid were definitely wierd. As was Bomb'X!

Other ones I found wierd were E-Motion and Vaxine. Also Putty and Monty Python's Flying Circus!

The Sensible Soccer Coverdisk with a Bomb instead of a ball was a bit loopy too!

How about Nuclear War, that was mad!
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Old 12 March 2007, 06:08   #73
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Hopefully no duplicates:

Archon I & II
Core Wars
Hacker I & II
Little Computer People
Party Games
Return to Atlantis
Romantic Encounters at the Dome
The Eye
The Sentinel/The Sentry
Vampire's Empire
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Old 12 March 2007, 11:04   #74
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Minwalker - The mother of all bizarre Games.
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Old 05 April 2007, 14:53   #75
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Llamatron and Revenge of the Mutant Camel. Weird, really weird. But cool
And I remember I played a game called Dungeon Master, there are some mirrors on the wall and I think it´s not good enough to interest players. For some reason this game was (and still is) very popular. Another part with mirrors was released then. And it became popular again. Really weird
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Old 22 December 2010, 22:11   #76
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Video of Eco: [ Show youtube player ] Excellent music, even if it's just Atari ST.
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Old 27 December 2010, 20:59   #77
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I see references to Purple Saturn Day in this thread, but I don't see it mentioned as actually being a weird game. Because it is. Seriously. I can complete the events alright, but for example the missile shooting thingy at the end? Huh!

The driving thing and the circuit board are quite fun little games actually. The latter could be hilarious when extended to more than two players actually. I think if implemented properly it could become a way to make people kill each other.
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Old 27 December 2010, 21:44   #78
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Netherworld, Muscarine

Netherworld is weird shooter, Muscarine is weird adventure (completed yesterday)
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Old 28 December 2010, 09:47   #79
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Hey, cool....thread diggin´!!!!!

ROLL OR DIE is weird
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I think most french games had an air of unusual or oddness in the sense they tended to feel very different in some way.It's like french designers go out of their way to stand out in a very creative way and it's one definite reason i loved the Amiga days

G.n.i.u.s is another good example that is both fairly charming and a little odd- amazing music as well that rarely gets a mention probably because it's not bedroom

Captain Blood is so typically french and fantastically mysterious as well.Not so sure it's a good game but it has true identity

Metal Mutant, Another World etc all great examples of that distnctly french feel

I'm glad Purple Saturn day has been mentioned a couple of times here.People yet to play it really should if only for the circuit board game which quite honestly is brilliant once you understand it
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