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[SOLVED] : RYS + DB9 switch + 1D4


Hi guys, and a happy new year for all of you and your families

I would like to share a problem that slowly drives me mad, as I don't understand what's really happening.

Impacted devices :
- I have a switch plugged in my A1200 mouse port. With it I share the use of my mouse, and a Joystick for when I play 2 players games I have two of these switches : one is an old 1985ish manual mechanical type one, the second is a recent automatic one which detects the use of a button to select the device.
- My mouse consists of a RYS MKII adapter, and a HID USB mouse. This works perfectly. However I possess a standard DB9 mouse for testing purposes.
- My Joystick consists of devices having 2 buttons (A and B). All buttons work perfectly in a standard config.
- The game with which I do my testing is BANSHEE. It allows two players to play with 2 buttons Joysticks (Button A to fire, Button B for invicibility figure).

Problem :
- When I plug my RYS MKII and a Joystick behind any of my switches, the Button B of the player 2 Joystick is not working anymore. Button A works. This does not impact the Joystick for player one which keeps working 100% for both buttons.

Tests I did :
I made a lot of tests but finally, this is the one that made me touch the origin of the problem :
- Plugging a standard DB9 mouse instead of the RYS MKII + USB mouse combo : the B button works again !

Another interesting test : (let's say that each switch has two input ports X for mouse and Y for joystick)
- Unplugging the mouse from X, and plugging it in Y with the switch in Y selection : if I click on RMB of the mouse : it acts as Button B !!

Potentiel Solutions ?
- I am not sure what can cause this, as the problem occurs too when I use a "straight pin to pin mechanical switch". Some interrupt is perhaps wrong with both switches (?)

- I heard about some RMB Fix for 1D4 motherboards (which is my A1200 board rev.) but I am not sure that this may be the problem, as using a standard DB9 mouse solves it (?)

I really need some intelligence here, feel free to ask me any question

Thanks for reading,


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did you verify that the mechanical switch is indeed just that and nothing more, and that it passes each signal directly through?

- Unplugging the mouse from X, and plugging it in Y with the switch in Y selection : if I click on RMB of the mouse : it acts as Button B !!
So you're saying that when button B is not working for a joystick on a particular port, it works if you use a mouse instead (RMB is the same as joystick button B) ?

I wonder if your joystick has a protection resister on ground, and the RYS affects it so it can't pull the B signal low enough.. instead of the joystick, try shorting the ground and button B pins in the connector and see if that works..
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I was talking to Mounty about his Mouse/joystick switcher and I asked him if it worked with a usb adapter and he said no!
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Guys, I wrote an email to Stan (the creator of the RYS MKII USB device on retro7bit.pl) : he wrote a new firmware and the problem is now solved !
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