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Programming on Classic Amigas

Hello, okay so I've started trying to do some coding on my unexpanded Amiga A1200 (WB3.1) so far I've got:

SC (v5 I think)
DevPac Assembler
Maxon Asm (testing my German skills to the max, is there an English version?)

I'm pretty happy with that setup, it seems to be working well so far but I've just been playing around with a few small apps. I just have a few questions for any Amiga programmers out there

  • Would anyone recommend better tools for c and assembly programming on an a1200?

  • Is it possible to run gcc (or c++ at all) on an unexpanded A1200, I keep getting not enough memory errors (I kind of expected this but am holding out hope that maybe I have the environment setup wrong)

  • What are peoples general experiences with coding on a system like this? Should I just give up and use an emulated Amiga with more memory? I kind of like the idea of testing my abilities with a 2MB development environment but if it's just going to be impossible then emulation is the lesser of two evils.
Any thoughts would be appreciated
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I can help you with the assembler side - no idea with C I'm afraid.

Devpac is fine as an assembler, it's what I use anyway.

What version are you using...? Latest is v3.18

You should also check out AsmOne and vasm too - many people prefer them.
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Yea its 3.18 I'm running. It seems good enough, although I will admit I'm not fantastic at assembly coding so I wouldn't really know.

It has a nice library of example code that came bundled so I'll stick with it at least for now.
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Another option AmiDevCpp
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SAS/C and Devpac are the right tools for an unexpanded 1200. Adding a hard drive and some fast memory to that setup will make life much easier though. Vasm has some advantages over Devpac but is slower and requires more memory. GCC 2.95.3 is the version of GCC to get but I would say the HD is really a requirement for it. SAS/C is going to be much easier with limited resources. It also has a good debugger although you should probably have bdebug from the Barfly package as well...


Here is a copy of the MetaScope 1.50 debugger which is a little smaller and easier to use (but doesn't work on the 68060 and maybe 68040)...


You can learn a lot from stepping through code with a debugger.
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