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New Physical Retail CD32 Releases

I wanted to keep track of the recent games that are now available to buy for the CD32 so have made a page up on my blog which makes it easier for anyone looking for what games there are and where to buy them.

If you have any extra information or new photos you want me to add, feel free to send me them or post them in this post.

Or if you have reviewed any of the games, post a link and i'll add it to the respective page.

In case anyone is wondering why games like Solid Gold and Tanks Furry aren't listed, the reason being is they don't boot on a CD32, only games that boot will be included.

Take a look here;


If anyone has any of these games, let us know what you think of them in this thread!
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Updates the physical CD32 game page today with pages for those games who hadn’t had one along with some details and screenshots.

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Thanks! Keep up the good work.
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Glen M
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Gonna have to leave links to this all round the house and hopefully Santa sees what I want for Christmas.

Out of all this I currently only own lumberjack reloaded and I just own the digital download version.

I thought tanks fury will boot on a cd32? I do have a "cough" copy "cough" that boots on the console.

Anyway as for my thoughts on Lumberjack reloaded.... A modern mobile game on an Amiga....

The game drops you into the shoes of a jack of lumber whos task is to cut down what is possibly the largest tree in the woods one ring at a time while avoiding overhanging branches. That' s it. No thinking required here and no story to follow. Grab an axe and cut down the tree. Press left to chop left to right press right nd chop right to left. The CD32 lets you use the blue button instead of pressing right (blue is the further most right button on the pad). Personally I would of liked to have seen an option to use the shoulder buttons ala pinball games.

The challenge comes from the ever draining time / life bar at the top of screen which slowly refills said bar. Powerups exist in the form of Bra, Knickers and Shoes all of the female persuasion that when all collected give an extra 10 points each time you switch sides, I can't help but think who may be at the top of this tree given the garments contained within. There is also a bottle of drink that when collected will either take a significant amount off your time/life bar or if you select drunk mode in the option will enable that ensuring instant death. Drunk mode inverts the controls and trust me when your in the swing of things and the controls suddenly invert your dead.

Apart from the CD32 controls there is no difference in this games release on the console. Perhaps a bit of CD audio or graphics to make use of the AGA capability of the console would have been nice but for the low cost of this game its hard to complain.

Audio can be a repetitive especially the tune in game. All be it the title song is great.

The whole feel of it is very much akin to what you might play on a modern phone, its simple 2 button interface certainly would feel at home on a phone but on the CD32, meh, the game gets old quickly. Sorry but for me it scores a 5/10.
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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
I thought tanks fury will boot on a cd32? I do have a "cough" copy "cough" that boots on the console.
The official physical release doesn’t boot, but they released it as freeware and Earok put together a disc thats boot on the CD32 with video intro, so officially its not a CD32 title.
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