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Combo 030 GVP Memory question!

Dear friends,
Sorry I need to make one question:
I have a Combo GVP 030 @25 Mhz since I read on the big book of Amiga Hardware that it support Ram Type: 3 x GVP 64pin SIMM Slots plus 1MB surface mounted (for 25Mhz version) or 4MB surface mounted for other versions what I wonder is:
Would is good for my turbo board the GVP 4MB SIMM 32 RAM 60NS that sells SoftHut http://www.softhut.com/cgi-bin/test/...MBand16MB.html or I need memory of only 1 MB?
Please let me know,
Kind Regards
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It sounds as if the 1MB or 4MB is referring to on-board memory, ie chips which are actually soldered to the accelerator board.

The 4MB SIMM should work fine in either version of the board.

Personally, I've always stayed away from GVP stuff because of the expensive proprietary memory which it uses. There's a hack on Aminet which allows 72-pin simms to be used on GVP boards, linky, but I've never tried it so can't say whether it is easy/practical to implement or not.

From Amiga.resource.cx:

Impact A2000-030 Combo
22 MHz:
* 1 MB preinstalled, expandable to 13 MB RAM
33 MHz:
* 4 MB preinstalled, expandable to 16 MB RAM
* three 64 pin SIMM sockets accept 1 or 4 MB GVP SIMMs

G-Force 030 (Impact A2000-030 Combo Series II)
25 MHz:
* 1 MB on board + three SIMM sockets gives 13 MB max
40 / 50 MHz:
* 4 MB on board + three SIMM sockets gives 16 MB max
* supports only special 64 pin 1 or 4 MB 60 ns GVP SIMMs
* maximum 8 MB is autoconfigured in the 16 MB address space, the exact amount is set by jumper
* the remaining memory is configured as extended memory by the FaaastROM driver

So for either board at any speed, the 4MB simm should be fine.


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