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Question PC <-> Amy file transfer via LPT port?

Is there any software out there that can use so called LapLink (ParNet?) LPT cable to transfer files between Amiga and PC ? Transferring files via serial port is too slow

ps. sorry about my poor english..
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Try the AmiNet.

There's a thing... which name i don't remember (anyone?)... that uses it's own home-made cable schematics and is much faster
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PC2AM works with a Laplink cable..

You might get it to work under XP/2k with the userport driver, but I haven't tried it.. I use FTP or SMB nowadays.. I was running 98 when I ran PC2AM.
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I would just like to say to all those people who wondered if I was on drugs when I said people referred to the Amiga as Amy


I may be on drugs but thats not why I called it GamebaseAMY
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I tried PC2AM but as Jope said it doesn't seem to work with xp/w2k so it was pretty useless to me.
I have HyperCom4 serialports in my A3000 and I just found that my older pc's ports can uctually go up to 460kbps so I can now transfer files to Amy (Runey: that's what some of us call our Amigas here in Finland) with full speed so no need to laplink anymore..
It's funny that my old A3k can be faster than my brand new pc (at least when measured by serialport speed )
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Dr. Dude
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altough that does not work on new pc's
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Old 19 December 2004, 09:42   #7
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WINDOWS 98 can coexist with windows xp on the same computer. partition your hard drive into two partions. if you have two hard drive then you don't need this step. Install Windows 98 indrive c. Then install windows xp on the second hard drive. Windows xp will guide easily in doing so.

Now, if you need to use PC2AM simply reboot your Pc. You'll have to options displayed.Select Windows 98 and enter( it takes no more than one minute on a fast machine). Good luck using PC2AM again.
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Dr. Dude
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er... yeah but on the latests machines. Some how there port is a bit difrent.
I tryed windows 95, 98, me, se and xp. All end up in the same... no contact

I do it today whit Amiga Explorer and a null modem cable (soon whit a PCICIA eternet card )
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Mehh :D
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I had problems running TwinExpress on my PC/Amiga - just wouldn't connect, with a report of "Non-standard com port" or something similar. Seems that Windows (98 onwards) doesn't like to share the com port, but if you run the PC in DOS, and by DOS I mean "Command Prompt only" from the early boot F8 menu, not a windows DOS window, Twin Express works okay.

Seemed to work okay on Windows 95 though!

Never could get PC>Amiga to work though, laplink cable or not - just refused to connect.
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